Air France on the loose ...

10.Feb.03 - It seems, that Air France is taking over the deportation business from KLM. After the deportations with KLM from Munich to Togo were stopped by campaigning against KLM [see here and here], Air France stepped into the breach. On Saturday a young Togolese woman was deported to Lome with Air France. Her three-year-old child was left in Munich. The woman fought against the deportation and there was also an action at the airport. In the end, the woman had an arm broken by the federal border police and was severely beaten. The pilot didn't care and made the remark, that "we will bring you back to your jungle". Air France was not at all impressed by a protest action at the airport.
The woman wanted to marry next week her Togolese boy-friend, who is the father of her child. It is clear, that the German authorities broke the law but it is also clear that Air France agrees to carry out all dirty measures and they do not at all care about police brutality, even if someone is hurt or killed.

statistical side note: Air France is the first entity ever to manage to be the bad-guy in all four stories on the noborder homepage.

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