meanwhile in germany [or should we say bavaria?] ...

deportation.class activists stop two more deportations in munich

22.Dec.02 - Two deportations sheduled for today were stopped by actions in the plane and by pressure on the deportation airlines. In the early morning a togolese refugee should have been deported with KLM, Flight number 1790 via Amsterdam to Lomé. The day before, letters had sent by telefax to KLM in Amsterdam and the Munich airport, announcing, that the refugee would be deported against his will and that he would probably scream and call for help and that trouble was expected. Moreover a ticket was bought, so that at least one passenger was ready to help the refugee on board of the plane. In the morning ten activists spread leaflets in the airport and called the passengers to help the deportee by not sitting down and announcing, that they would not switch off their mobile phones.

The action was successful. The deportee was not brought on board of the plane. But the activists were arrested for some hours and the 'passenger' was dragged out of the plane by the federal border police.

Some hours later there was a call for help from the reletives of an iranian refugee, who should be deported the same day at 4.35 p.m. with Turkish Airlines. After some intensive phone calls with Turkish Airlines the Airline refused to check-in the person in question.

A good day for the activists of the caravane Munich and the Munich deportation.class-crew.


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