Welcome to Tarom - Romanian Air Transport. Althought we are sad to say we had to stop our charter flights for deportee groups in july 2001, we still offer individuel allround service in our single.deportee.class, having the unique the experience of more than 10,000 deportations during the last two to three years. Our well trained privat security service will look after the passenger all along the flight. You want to book a ticket for someone? Contact our offices! Or read our convincing newsletters below.

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An open letter to Tarom

July 2001

To the general manager of Tarom

Dear Sir,
The antiracist network "noone is illegal" is involved in manifold, partly international campaigns against the deportation of refugees. In this context, in June of this year, first actions were initiated, in which your air company, Tarom, was criticised for its participation in the German deportation policies, particularly by offering regular charter flights...[read more]

press counter: Airline stops deportations (german)


PRESS COUNTER: Frankfurter Rundschau
HAMBURG, 27. Juli. "Aufgrund unerwarteter Aktivität deutscher Menschenrechtsaktivisten in Büros der Tarom in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf und Berlin haben wir uns entschieden, mit dieser Art der Beförderung aufzuhören", sagt Tarom-Generalmanager, Nicolai Demetriade. Das antirassistische Netzwerk "kein mensch ist illegal" hatte in den vergangenen Monaten gegen die Praxis der Sammelabschiebungen mit Tarom protestiert. [read more]

Tarom declares to stop charter deportations


Tarom declares to stop charter deportations (from Düsseldorf via Bucharest to Istanbul/ Beirut) from 26 June 2001 onwards...[read more]

Today, in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin


Today, in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin, activists of "no one is illegal" visited offices of the Romanian airline TAROM at the same time and protested against the business with deportations... [read more]

Tarom joins the deportation-alliance campaign

May 2001

Tarom, short for Romanian Air Transport, reports enormous growth figures. Meanwhile more than a million passengers are yearly transported on international and national routes through this state-run Romanian airline (97% are owned by the ministry of transport). Tarom aims for the business traveller rather than the Black Sea tourist ... [read more]

Tarom's Deportation Service

April 2001

Tarom's services fit well in more than one aspect into this context: ? Regularly every Tuesday a Tarom plane with 30 to 80 so-called deportees starts from Düsseldorf airport. Tarom employs its own security personnel. They take care of the deportees at the plane's entrance and in case of resistance they are equipped with electric shock devices. [read more]

Anything but a single case

April 2001

Achmed was in deportation detention in Kassel for three weeks, before he was collected very early on a Tuesday morning and transported to Düsseldorf airport, his hands tied behind his back during the whole journey. There, the Central migration police (BGS) locked him up in a big hall where two dozen people were already waiting and more continued to arrive during the following hours... [read more]

New Deportation Strategies

April 2001

The wording of the official report dated May 2000 is very clear: "If violent resistance is expected during deportations, the use of small charter planes (so-called Lear-Jets) and mass repatriations will be increased. " The German interior ministers especially formed a team of secretaries of state with instructions to work out suggestions "for the elimination of problems during deportation". [read more]

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