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New Deportation Strategies

April 2001

The wording of the official report dated May 2000 is very clear: "If violent resistance is expected during deportations, the use of small charter planes (so-called Lear-Jets) and mass repatriations will be increased. " The German interior ministers especially formed a team of secretaries of state with instructions to work out suggestions "for the elimination of problems during deportation". Their recommendation might have forced the activities performed for years now with an almost criminal energy by the central migration police (BGS) Koblenz who are the specialists for deportations: to deport small and larger groups of "potentially troublesome" refugees and migrants without any public notice - whatever the cost.

The strategy was altered because of the increasing difficulties the "professional deportation services" are confronted with since the death of Aamir Ageeb in May 1999. More often pilots of scheduled flights refuse to take unwilling passengers on board. The campaigns against the airlines, in Germany especially against Lufthansa, have done the rest, so that "problematic deportations" now require special measures.

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