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Tarom joins the deportation.class campaign

May 2001

Tarom, short for Romanian Air Transport, reports enormous growth figures. Meanwhile more than a million passengers are yearly transported on international and national routes through this state-run Romanian airline (97% are owned by the ministry of transport). Tarom aims for the business traveller rather than the Black Sea tourist. Since 1990 it is orientated towards the constant growing East-West-Market 'with the Eastern business centre Bucharest'.

Last year Tarom was admitted to the Association of European Airlines (AEA) as their 28th member and is now obviously trying to get rid of its "dirty" image. Tarom receives EU-money and co-operates with Lufthansa in consulting programmes. They rely on Western jets for their fleet of now 21 planes. 'Comfort, Safety and Style' are emphasised and frequent travellers can expect 'Smart Miles' benefits.

In their magazine 'Insight' Tarom celebrates the 'dialogue' with their passengers. There is not yet an e-mail address but there are two websites: http://tarom.digiro.net/ and http://www.tarom-online.de/ (in German).

Tarom has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf and agencies in Munich and Stuttgart. Besides the Tuesday charter flights from Düsseldorf are predictable ...

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