Directions to the camp in Frassanito (Puglia)

04.Jun.03 - Finally we know the exact location of the camp in Puglia. The place is called Frassanito, it is close to Otranto and 200 m from the sea. It is also close to a centre for administrative detention of migrants located in San Foca.

For those who are arriving in Rome on the 20th: you can decide to go direcly to Puglia or to come to Naples first. We are organizing 2 buses leaving Naples on the 21st. Let me know your plans so we can organize the places on the bus (and places to sleep if you need to).

How to reach the camp in Frassanito with public transport.

First of all you need to get to Lecce railway station. Lecce is at the end of the main Adriatic line and is therefore well connected. There are numerous Eurostar trains from the main cities in the north (Milan, Bologna) and the centre/south (Rome, Naples; although you may have to change in Bari). Unfortunately Eurostar trains are pretty expensive (although probably still less than the rest of Western Europe). An alternative would be to take an Intercity Night train which is much cheaper or take one of the few Intercity day trains to Bari and then change.

For those arriving in Bari or Brindisi via plane or ferry there is also a regional/express service which is even cheaper. To give you an idea of times: from Bari to Lecce the Eurostar takes approximately 1hour 30minutes while the regional or express train takes just over 2 hours. From Brindisi it takes 25 minutes with the Eurostar and 40 minutes with the regional train. For exact times and prices you can go to the Italian State Railway’s timetable online at: The website is in Italian, English, French and German. Remember to put in the exact date you wish to travel – especially those arriving Sunday – because you might find yourselves waiting in Brindisi or, worse, Milan for many hours!!

From Lecce railway station the best way to get to Frassanito is by bus. There is a direct public bus service from the station which stops outside the campsite. This is the "Linea Rossa" (Red Line) Lecce Otranto Torre Dell'Orso run by "SALENTObus". Frassanito is located halfway between Otranto and Torre Dell'Orso and the journey takes approximately 1 hour 25 minutes.
These are the times:
Lecce Railway Station (departure): 0751; 0958; 1303; 1513; 1728; 1938; 2143; 2348
Camping Frassanito (arrive): 0914; 1121; 1426; 1636; 1851; 2101; 2306; 0111

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