Noborder Camp in near Krynki (Poland) - 2-7/7

22.May.03 - Anti-border camp in Kundzicze, near Krynki in Poland, few kilometres from Belarusian border is scheduled to take place on 2-7 July. We want to repeat success of two previous camps, especially one from 2001. We want this camp to have creative and confrontational approach towards authorities and friendly approach towards local population ,what we managed to achieve previous times. Unfortunately not too many people declared help this time and we hope that some will suppoort us at the ned becasue we need many things. Below is the list of some stuff that could be helpful for us. We feel completely left alone with organization of this camp and this doesnt give us good feelings although we are still very determined to make this camp working.

We need people with their own cars to help us with transport groups caryring supplies etc. WE need people experienced with cooking for large groups and other people who want to help in kitchen. If somebody has possibility of organizing mobile kitchen for us, that would be great. We will also need pots, pans etc to help with cooking. WE need people who will organize some workshops, who will bring useful propaganda etc. If you have any lecture or workshop in subject of anti-border stuff, freedom of movement etc which you would like to present, let us know quickly!!! We need people who want to talk to media, who want to be in group co-ordinating activity of the camp, ppl who will do some performances etc.

With anarchsit greetings- Anarchist Federation Bialystok and Kolektyw DeCentrum.

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