mobilisation aginst the EU-top in Thessaloniki

23.May.03 - During the greece EU-presidency migration-policy or better: how to control and to combat illegal migrants was again one of the main issues on the agenda. And a kind of conclusion is exspected at the summit in june in Thessaloniki.
One reason: the developed process of EU-enlargement, which obliges all new members to adopt the socalled schengen-acqui. Of course the west-european governments will keep on to force the eastern countries to fulfil their function as buffer-states.
Another topic in Thessaloniki: the british proposal to establish socalled "offshore centers" for "outsourcing the asylum procedure" in eu-neighbouring countries like Albania and Russia.

Looking to this background, it is much more important to see the planned migration related activities:

As it was firstly done in the mobilisation against the G-8 in Genoa, in Thessaloniki a solidarity demonstration for migrants and refugees will open a series of mass-protests during the summit at 19th of June. The initiative came out from a strong selforganisation of migrants and sans papiers in greece.

Inside the greece social forum many antiracist organisations are very active and they will prepare information-events and workshops about various aspects of migration, borders and work during the days of protest. Starting point will be an antiracist festival at 14th of June, one day after a big antifascist demonstration in Thessaloniki.

And finally we have got the information, that IOM has an own office in Thessaloniki, for sure the right address again (after Geneva at 30th of Mai...) for a protest-manifestation....


19th of June: demonstration in solidarity with migrants, organised by selforganisations
20th of June: bus-tours from various groups to demonstrate in Chalkidik (the place about 100 km outside Thessaloniki, where the summit will take place)
21st of June: three marches against war and exploitation in Thessaloniki

More informations about camps and actions: and

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