Noborder Camp in Timisoara (Romania) 9-15 june

Preliminary programme

19.May.03 - Abolishing the Borders from Bellow is not just a publication or slogan for graffiti. This is an invitation to come and join us for a step in this direction:

workshops (some are still not confirmed):
- human beings as goods, about human traffic
- exploitation of workers from third world
- rosia montana gold minning disaster
- roma minority in romania
- gay/lesbian
- free radio + indymedia romania
- fascism, yesterday and today in Romania

- 8 june SEVERED HEAD OF THE STATE (usa) + GURANII (romania)
- 11 june MOLOTOV COCKTAIL (usa) + BARACKCA (hungary)

- romanian artists
- serbian tatoo and anticapitalist exhibition

- IOM and migration control
- protests, actions, camps

- ecological cleaning in the forest
- street theatre
- leafleting
- NOBORDER EUROPE CARNIVAL (bring your: fire breeders, jugglers, diablo handlers, samba drummers, puppets, transparents, masks...)

please remember:
- your active participation is needed (especially eastern european initiatives, east-west differences are still to big to just ignore them)
- new ideeas for workshops are always wellcomed
- this is not a final agenda, that will be up to the people comming to decide
- some of the workshops are still not confirmed, so don't blame us if people don't show up
- you should try to let us know of your comming here and if possible of your initiatives, for a better coordination

more info: (romana/english) (english/deutsch)

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