press review

The noborder press review contains articles from other media outlets that refer to the core issues of the noborder network, such as migration, refugees and policies concerning these issues. the press review does by no means contain all relevant articles, rather it archives what a small number of persons have come across while surfing the internet. we archive the full articles [without any images] because we have experienced that articles often disappear from the internet or that their urls get changed after some time. where possible we provide links to the original locations of the cited articles and to the hompages of the publications that first published them.

31.May.06 - Reuters ALertNet: Senegalese mothers fund do-or-die migrant voyages
14.Mar.06 - Migrants: Death at sea better than African 'nightmare'
26.Jan.05 - Islam Online: "Green Island Tomb" End of Line for Illegal Immigrants
17.Sep.04 - BBC news: Perils of Somali migrants in Libya
07.Sep.04 - EUbusiness: Life gets harder for Africans waiting in Libya for ticket to Europe
26.Jul.04 - BBC news: Nearly 500 migrants land in Italy
14.Jan.04 - BBC news: Living rough in Europe's 'waiting room'
29.Dec.03 - BBCnews: Nigerians deported from Morocco
19.Oct.03 - the telegraph: Mustafa, the swimming fridge smuggler, and his macabre pact
15.Oct.03 - MSNBC news: Spain seizes 550 African migrants off coast
15.Oct.03 - Egypt Today: Seasons of Migration by Azza Khattab
22.Jul.03 - AFP: Ukraine detained 3,500 illegal immigrants in first half of 2003
16.Jul.03 - Bulgaria and Croatia refuse asylum camps
03.Jul.03 - Reuters: Libya, Italy agree joint action on illegal migrants
01.Jul.03 - Associated Press: Dutch open deportation center amid immigration crackdown
29.Jun.03 - New York Times: Deaths of Immigrants Uncover Makeshift World of Smuggling
26.Jun.03 - BBCnews: Italy 'could send troops to Libya'
22.Jun.03 - 50 immigrants drown in Mediterranean tragedy
21.Jun.03 - BBCnews: African deaths in Libya's desert
21.Jun.03 - BBCnews: Italy's illegal migrant conundrum
21.Jun.03 - The Guardian: Go-ahead to experiment with Britain's refugee zones plan
20.Jun.03 - EU boosts immigration crackdown, but rebuffs British plan
11.Mar.03 - Sunday Telegraph: Blunkett plans to send asylum seekers to Albania
11.Feb.03 - Inmates run the asylum on Nauru
03.Feb.03 - Masked group aids escape
29.Jan.03 - AFP: Police detain 123 illegal migrants in Spain's Canary islands
29.Jan.03 - The Guardian: Reluctant airlines thwart deportations
29.Jan.03 - IHT: EU nations open migration patrols in Mediterranean
04.Jan.03 - Middle East Online: 23,000 Moroccans repatriated from Spain in 2002
01.Jan.03 - Reuters: Breakout Attempt at Sydney Asylum Center
31.Dec.02 - ABCnews: Australian Asylum Camp Burns as Staff Flees
30.Dec.02 - ABCnews: Another Asylum Seeker Detention Center Struck by Apparent Arson Attack
30.Dec.02 - More fires sweep Australian asylum camps
27.Nov.02 - IRNA: Riots in Antwerp after killing of Moroccan
12.Nov.02 - BBCnews: Calais migrants threaten action
12.Nov.02 - BBCnews: Refugees in stand-off in Calais church
08.Nov.02 - BBCnews: Calais mayor wants Sangatte to reopen
05.Nov.02 - BBCnews: Sangatte closes door to new entrants
06.Jun.02 - Worst I've seen, says UN asylum inspector
24.May.02 - The Guardian: Refugees face instant rejection
23.May.02 - The Guardian: Blair's secret plan to crack down on asylum seekers
30.Apr.02 - Reuters: Hundreds of illegal migrants caught in Turkey
26.Apr.02 - Reuters: Le Pen vows to round up illegal immigrants
25.Apr.02 - Reuters: Blunkett caught up in race row
23.Apr.02 - Reuters: Australia asylum unrest spreads
11.Apr.02 - ePolitix: Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill
01.Apr.02 - Runaways still free as protests go on
31.Mar.02 - BBCnews: Activists outwit Australia's asylum policy
29.Mar.02 - BBCnews: Riot at Australian detention centre
15.Feb.02 - BBCnews: Surviving the jokes: Group 4 Falck
15.Feb.02 - BBCnews: Eye-witness accounts from Yarl's Wood
15.Feb.02 - BBCnews: Inquiry into riot at asylum centre
29.Jan.02 - BBCnews: Australia tries to ease camp crisis
27.Jan.02 - Chicago Tribune: Girl lived 13 years, became a symbol
27.Jan.02 - Reuters: Australia Refugee Protests Spread in Camps, Streets
25.Jan.02 - BBCnews: Analysis: Australia's tough asylum policy
23.Jan.02 - BBCnews: Australian asylum protest spreads
22.Jan.02 - Reuters: Australia Under Pressure to Free Child Migrants
20.Jan.02 - Reuters: Hunger Strikers Treated in Australian Hospital
20.Jan.02 - NY Times: For Refugees, a Longer Wait at America's Door
19.Jan.02 - Associated Press: Refugee Killed in Channel Tunnel
19.Jan.02 - Associated Press: Immigration Rally Held in Rome
16.Jan.02 - Reuters: Report: Anti-Terror Campaign Cloaks Rights Abuses
15.Jan.02 - Associated Press: High Court Weighs Worker Rights
07.Jan.02 - Reuters: Asylum seekers ignore "video nasty" on UK life
03.Jan.02 - Associated Press: Immigrant Ship Arrives in Crete
02.Jan.02 - Associated Press: Israel to Expel Illegal Laborers
01.Jan.02 - LA Times: Aid Stations Aim to Help Illegal Crossers Avoid Perishing in Cold
01.Jan.02 - Associated Press: Ship Stranded Near Greek Coast
27.Dec.01 - Associated Press: Greece Picks Up 170 Illegal Aliens
26.Dec.01 - Associated Press: 10M Migrants Live in Russia
26.Dec.01 - Reuters: Refugees storm into Channel Tunnel
20.Dec.01 - Reuters: Rioting Migrants Try to Flee Australian Camp
19.Dec.01 - BBCnews: Migrants resume riot at Australian camp
09.Dec.01 - Reuters: Irish Refugee Tragedy Spotlights 'Fortress Europe'
30.Aug.01 - netime-l: R is for Refugee
29.Aug.01 - BBCnews: Blow to Australian PM over refugees