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camps for refugees and migrants - across europe there are these places, that cannot be found on regular maps: from italy to great britain, from spain to germany and even beyond the borders of Schengenland: in romania, ukraine, libya and morocco we see the emergence of buffer-camps on the southern and eastern edges of the european union.

camps are not exceptions but have become institutions in the attempt to control migration as a social movement; they stand for the attempt to combat the autonomies of migration. they are a key-element for the migration-politics of the EU: part of the border-regime, place of deportation and selection, and nowadays integral part in the creation of an european constitution.

it is time to draw new maps, maps of resistance that can be used to attack the visible and invisible fences and walls, to tear them down or sail around them quietly, to hollow them out and to undermine them. nolager.org attempts to contribute to this struggle against global apartheid.

camps have taken different shapes in different countries. camps can be prisons or detention-centers, internment- or waiting zones, reception-centers or refugee-homes. camps can be circled by walls or barbed wire, but also appear disguised in the clothes of humanitarian assistance and combined with so-called voluntary return programmes.

camps are not only a physical space, but a process. a process of exclusion and determent, a process to establish a hierarchy of rights, a process to filter according to the needs of european labour markets.

resistance from inside, which remains often unknown protest from outside, which seems to be often inefficient. no doubt, struggles and campaigns against all forms of camps have to be intensified. we are still in the beginning. but a lot of initiatives are continuously active.

nobody can ignore the european or even global level of lager-politics. thus it is necessary to transnationalise the anti-lager-campaigns and informations. moreover a mutual exchange can be inspiring for all the protests and struggles in the different countries.

nolager.org intends to contribute to the exchange of information about the (european) lager-regime and aims at transnationalizing the anti lager campaigns. it is supported by activists and groups form all over europe. you can reach us at info@nolager.org

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