2 april 2005: Second European day of action For freedom of movement and the right to stay. from the call to the action day: '...Camps are the dark symbol of a migration politics which is not simply aimed at keeping refugees and migrants out of Europe, but rather at promoting a process of selective inclusion, also through illegalization, of the migrants. This process corresponds to the production of a hierarchy of rights as well as of legal and political positions, that lies at the core of the material transformations of citizenship in Europe and which is far from regarding only the migrants. And it corresponds to a new model of labor force management centered upon precarization and exploitation...' [read the call]

camps for refugees and migrants - across europe there are these places, that cannot be found on regular maps: from italy to great britain, from spain to germany and even beyond the borders of schengenland: in romania, ukraine, lybia and morocco we see the emergence of buffercamps on the southern and eastern edges of the european union.
camps are not exceptions but have become institutions in the attempt to control migration as a social movement; they stand for the attempt to combat the autonomies of migration. they are a key-element for the migration-politics of the EU: part of the borderregime, place of deportation and selection, and nowadays integral part in the creation of an european constitution.
it is time to draw new maps, maps of resistance that can be used to attack the visible and invisible fences and walls, to tear them down or sail around them quietly or to hollow them out and to undermine them. this site attampts to contribute to the struggle against this cornerstone of global apartheid. [read more]

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in this section you find reports about the specific roles of and realities in camps across europe. while camps are a consitent feature of the policies against refugees and migrants in germany and great britan, they are a realtively new feature in the southern european countries like italy, spain and france.

since 2003 camps have become an important issue in the formulation of policies against migrants and refugees on the european level. currently the most ambitous project - the european union camp system - concerns the setting-up of deportation and refugee camps in North Africa that is being pushed forward by the german, british and italian governements. similar ambitions exist for the balkans and the countries east of the recently enlarged EU. [read more]

map of camps in europe (july 2004) by migeurope

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