Polish camp: Program and practical info

The anti - border camp project in Poland. 5- 10 July 2002.

30.Jun.02 - The camp will be located in Wizajny near the borders with Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad). The campsite is located on a lake. Please be prepared for rather primitive camping conditions - we would appreciate it is people brought some basic supplies like toilet paper, water and garbage bags with them. (We are concerned about keeping the area clean, so we are asking people to try not to leave a lot of garbage because in these areas there is no regular collection.) The campsite is 1km. from the center of town, on the lake; there will be signs and it should be easy to find. For those who may require better conditions or more quiet, there are other campsites or rooms available nearby for a modest fee. (Between 2-5 euros.) Buses to Wizajny leave from Suwalki very frequently.

The below schedule is subject to slight modification and doesn't take into account actions, happenings, films, etc. Please note that we will not be guaranteeing 3 prepared meals daily - only lunch in the afternoons. There are shops in town where food can be purchased but the selection may be slim, especially if there are lots of people on special diets. Please take this into consideration when planning what to bring to the camp.

We have received confirmation from many different individuals and groups so it will be an interesting opportunity to network with lots of new people!

Day one - Friday 5 July

16:00 Opening of the camp Presentations, etc.

Evening: Meeting of groups such as security, medical group, translators.

Saturday , 6 July

11-14 A)EU Expansion and Subsequent Changes in Border Politics

11-14 B) Workshop about Sexism for Men

16-19 A) Border Camp in Strasbourg

16-19 B) Situation in Belarus

Sunday, 7 July

11-14 A) Workshop about Indymedia Poland

16-19 A)NATO action in Prague

16-19 B) Independent Media

Monday, 8 July

11-14 A) Workshop about Racism, Sexism and the Other

11-14 B) Anarchist Black Cross

16-19 A) Critique of Sexual Repression

16-19 B) Gender Stereotypes

Tuesday, 9 July

11-14 A) The Place of Women in the Anti-Globalization Movement

11-14 B) Racism and Sexism in the Traffic of Women

16-19 A) Abolishing the Borders from Below Project

B) The New Right and Sexism

Wednesday 10 July


[For more info, write to cube@zigzag.pl]

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