Bordercamping2002: chain of bordercamps

11.May.02 - After the success of last years chain of noborder camps throughout Europe, this summer will see another chain of camps. So far camps are planned in Finland, France, Germany, Poland and Slovenia as well as Mexico. Earlier this Year a camp took place in Australia. Below you find the currently available information about these camps as well as links to more specific information sources.

27. march - 2nd of april: the festival of freedoms in woomera, australia. During the easter weekend a bordercamp style event took place just outside the woomera detention center in the south australian desert. more than 1000 people particpated in this camp which climaxed in the tearing down of fences of the detention center and the escape of about 50 detained asylum seekers.
more information and acoounts from the the camp: and

5. - 14th of july: nobordercamp with actions and workshops in north-east-poland, near to the polish-russian and polish-lithuanian border. during the week three days should focus to the border-issue [new visa-regulations, eu-enlargement, iom-campaign, against nationalism ...], two days to feminsism (women -forced- labour, stereotypes, sexism in the new right...], two days to antifa and one day to critical/independent media...

12. - 19th of july: 5th no one is illegal-camp in jena/thuringia/germany, again the internal borders will be a main topic, a strong cooperation with selforganisations of refugees has started, first time a few hundred refugees are expected to participate ... and 19th of july a convoi will start from jena in direction to strasbourg...
look to the call in english:

19th - 28th of july: strasbourg! more info here

last weekend in july: 2nd nobordercamp in solvenia at the border to hungary and croatia. more information is not yet available

4th - 11th of august: summercamp with a lot of cross-over-workshops [more theory, less actions] should take place near cottbus [not so far from german-polish border].
more informations:

5th-11th of august: no border camp in Imatra, Finland. The Finnish No Border group will organize a border camp in Imatra, in the border of Finland and Russia, in the eastern border of the European Union, which maintains the second largest difference in the standard of living in the world. In the camp there will be workshops about e.g. immigration, racism, detention centers, deportations and borders. There will also be practical work with the inhabitants of the city in order to have an effect on the attitudes concerning the border, e.g. by the means of music and other cultural activity.

starting 16th of august: another camp will take place in hamburg, socalled schill-y-out-days [referring to racist interior minsters ...]
more information [in german]:

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