The anti - border camp project in Poland. 5- 14.6

17.May.02 - We would like to organise a no - border camp in north - east Poland, near to the polish - Russian and polish - Lithuanian border. We think that the borders put artificial divisions between people and that what we need now - in the moment, when the polish eastern border will be more and more difficult to cross (at least in some parts of it) - is solidarity and co - operation between people living in different countries. We are definitely against any form of political and economical separation and we want to work on abolishing the borders - from below. What we really need to do is to oppose to stereotypes, discrimination, and exploitation of any form. People from different cities and countries are already working on preparation for the camp. Join us ! Don't let the alienating divisions overcome you!

What is planned?

We would like every participant to be the organiser of the camp, so we count on all the possible initiatives, spontaneous actions, solidarity and critical actions.

The proposed forms of activities :
- workshops and meetings (to share knowledge, experiences, strategies);
- cooking, cleaning,
- medical assistance (hopefully we will just have it in case...);
- dancing, playing and passions;
- integration with other groups/ people/people living in the region;
- sports and swimming;
- actions/ demos;
- happenings, performances etc;

Who is participating?

We invite all the antiauthoritarian groups/ persons to join the project. Some of us are anarchists, anarcha - feminists and similar. We do not invite any hierarchical or pro - etatist groups.
Until now there are people from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Czech, Lithuania and France , who decided to take part.

How it will be?

We propose to divide the camp thematically to make it easier for everybody to know and to decide when to come (if he/ she cannot come for the whole thing). So:

3 days of "no border" - things connected to the issues of EU enlargement, the migrations, border problems, stereotypes, nationalism etc.
2 days of feminism - women (forced) labour, stereotypes, the sexism in the new right
1 critical / independent media day;
2-3 days of antifa - actions connected to the topic (s).

Maybe we will do one day "free" - just to make a trip to Krynki or for other activities. Because of that we would like everyone willing to do something (any action, workshop, happening) to tell it until 15 June , just to make it easier to prepare a kind of schedule.
The camp will be in open air, so take tents, swimming clothes, badminton, and similar.

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