noborder summer calendar03

19.May.03 - the following calendar contains the dates of events that are organised by mebers of the noborder network or have a strong link with the topics and activities of our network. participation is highly reccomended:

29th of mai until 3rd of june in france and switzerland: mobilisation against the g-8-summit in evian/geneva/lausanne demonstrations, mass-blockade, actions against the g-8-summit ( and
camps ( and will start at 28th of may
30th of mai: demonstration against IOM, WTO, WIPO in geneva, 11 a.m.
1st of june: massdemonstration and blockades in geneva, annemasse und lausanne ...

9th until 15th of june in romania: nobordercamp in timisiora with concerts, workshops, actions, in the triangle to hungary and yugoslavia (

19th until 21st of june in greece: mobilisation against the eu-summit in thessaloniki (
19th of june: demonstration in solidarity with migrants
20th of june: march against war and exploitation

26th of june until 5th of july in poland: conferences, actionday in warsaw and nobordercamp in krynki
26th until 29th of june: anti-border conference (
27th until 30th of june: international anarchist meeting (
1st of july: actionday against new visa-regulations
2nd until 5th of july: nobordercamp at the border to belarus

21st until 27th of july in italy: nobordercamp near Puglia-Salento (
workshops and actions against the borderregime in the mediterranean sea, against detention-camps and about the working conditions from migrants in the agricultural sector

31st of july until 10th of august in germany: conference and nobordercamp in cologne (
31st of july until 3rd of august: conference "out of control"
3rd until 10th of august: actions for example against iom, azr (-database) and at the deportation airport in dusseldorf