This book deals with the situation of illegalized refugees and migrants. It is concerned with the circumstances sur-rounding their entry and residence, attempts at self-organization, and support projects.
Our aim is to provide information on the predicament of “illegals” in differ-ent countries, as well as to compare the measures taken throughout the EU to come to terms with the problem.
We believe that awareness of the sys-tematic deprivation of rights suffered by refugees and migrants, and knowl-edge of their resistance and struggles, as well as the initiatives launched by anti-racist groups, is indispensable for all who respond to the “Fortress of Europe” with the cry, “Open frontiers for all!”

Preface to the English edition
"Sans Papier" Movement - A Climax in the History of French Immigration
Britain - Undocumented Immigrants
Germany - Illegalization of migration
The Netherlands - Illegalized Migrants
Women - Labour Market and Private Households
Poland - All quiet on the Eastern Front
Italy - Making Migration Illegal
Switzerland - Co-operation between Illegalized Immigrants and Supporters
Austria - Illegalization in Austria
Belgium - One Year after the Murder of Semira Adamu
Portugal - Legalisation Preocedures
Europe - Fortress Europe is taking Shape
Spain - Fences Cannot Hold back the Wind
Greece - Refugees in Greece – some clues *

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