UK - 'voluntary assisted return'

18.Aug.02 - It has been only recently, that the International Organisation for Migration has opened a representation in the UK(26 Westminster Palace garden, Artillery Row). In 2000, the IOM run a pilot project, then based in Brussels, and returned 490 refused asylum seekers from Britain. That was assesed 'successful' and consequently a UK office has been established. For details, such as activities, address, telephone etc see
Although looking back at a history of over 50 years, it never seems to have had any major dealings with the UK. The Home Office instead had a principle of doing things themselves rather than outsourcing elements of their politics. However, that has changed. There meanwhile is a tradition of funding NGOs like the Refugee Council to cover some aspects of asylum and immigration policy; and also detention centres, guards etc are outside forces.
Meanwhile, the IOM has quickly established a number of schemes and cooperations. These are the so-called Voluntary Assisted Return Programme (VARP), Return and Reintegration to Somalia Regions, Return and Reintegration of Qualified Ugandan Nationals, and Counter Trafficking. VARP in particular shall help to reach the UK's ambitious targets of increasing deportation and removal figures. The IOM also accommodate Home Office seminars in countries as far as Kasachstan, Kirgisian or Tadjikistan in topics like preventing illegal, or fraudulent documents.
All these schemes rely on the cooperation either with the Home Office, academics (University of North London), or with NGOs like Refugee Action. The latter is particular dubious and could be challenged.

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