Camping2001: the caravans

02.Jul.01 - there are a number of caravan-projects that travel along the various bordercamps and some other events that are taking place this summer in europe:

noborder, nonation:
The "Publix theatre caravan" is travelling to the WB protest in Salzburg, the bordercamp in Slovenia, Genova and the border camp in Frankfurt. A theatre group, various peformers, several DJ's are participating in a media bus project travelling from Vienna, Salzburg, Slovenia, Corinthia, Genova, Frankfurt. All together between 30 and 40 people in about ten vehicles, a big bus, some smaller vans and cars.

how does the border sound like?birds?wind moving through endless farmlands? "Last Call for Boarding"screams? removing tape? carfull steps in the dark? heavy breathin? from 27.jul.01 the bordersounds caravan will record the sounds of the eastern border of schengan-country.

the show bus:
A big bus full of media equipment travelling from Barcelona to Tarifa. The back window of the bus can be used as a screen, on windows slides can be projected. There is also equipment for digital recordings, video and audio streaming

Another media bus is travelling from Campsfield in Britain to the polish camp: A solar driven energy system for sound and projections, video editing suite and computers.

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