Bordercamping2002: Woomera, Australia

An invitation to make the journey : Woomera 2002 : direct actions : festival of freedom : auto nomadic caravan : easter, 27.mar - 02.apr.02

24.Oct.01 - Woomera is a remote town, 500 kms from Adelaide (Australia). It is also the centre of an economy of death, suffering and incarceration founded on the dispossession of indigenous lands. Our humanity is obliterated in Woomera, in the concentration camp, by missiles, by nuclear weapons, by toxic waste, by colonisation, by capitalism, by fear and division.

We are making the journey to discover our humanity in the liberation of those who have been dehumanised.

We are making the journey to refuse the death, pain and confinements that are manufactured in the name of The Economy. We refuse the caging behind razor wire and the new world borders fashioned so that capital, by reserving for itself the 'right' to move around the world, can better enforce austerity, misery, the earth's destruction and the 'race-to-the-bottom'.

In 2002, each of us are making the journey in our own unique way to reveal the connections between dispossession and the enclosures; the dislocations that have occurred and are still occurring in the name of profits, warlords and empire. We will not mimic what we go to abolish, but instead wish to open a multitude of paths toward a different world.

We invite you to make the journey with us.

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Woomera 2002 will be a kaleidoscope of cascading autonomous actions, media streams and screenings, workshops, discussions and happenings. People are encouraged to use a diversity of tactics to disrupt the present and create the future.

Come with an existing group or form an affinity group for the duration. Each group will be represented on a spokescouncil, which will share information, provide a forum for co-operation and facilitate the actions.

Groups from Melbourne and Adelaide who are attending the Pine Gap actions in Alice Springs will join us in Woomera on the Good Friday, March 28th. Actions against the Pentagon's National Missile Defence are also happening during Woomera 2002.

We encourage everyone to communicate and publicise Woomera 2002, their views and their plans for actions in their own way.