Videos from the Frankfurt bordercamp

10.Aug.01 - Video1:

This video depics a number of different actions that took place during this years bordercamp at the airport in frankfurt. it gives a good impression of the diversity of the cations that took place. [+/- 5min. • real video]

we have two versions of the video, on for narrow band internet connections [56k modem - dual isdn] and one for broadband internet connections [min 256k dsl or cable]


This video shows a demonstration of the pink-silver block through the city of frankfurt and into a number of big department stores. see yourself... [+/- 2min. • real video] [click here to play]


This video contains short fragments from intervies with members of german refugee organisation 'the Voice'. topics range from the residenzpflicht to the difficulties of organizing as migrants in germany [3min45sec. • real video • english spoken with (unreadable) german subtitles] [click here to play]