Camping2001: the bordercamps

01.Jul.01 - "Freedom of movement" is the main objective of six bordercamps in summer 2001. Year by year the barbarism of the migration regimes causes thousands of deaths along the borders between east and west, north and south. As it is getting easier for the fluxes of money, goods and capital to roam around the globe, crossing a border is becoming more and more difficult for most people.

Borders are there to be crossed. People have the right to decide for themselves, where they want to live and how. We don't need a globalisation designed for corporations and their hunger for more and ever cheaper labour, no matter if legal or illegal.

So we are going to the borders of Europe and the US, we are gathering to bring forward a real international from the bottom, which meets the needs of people to communicate, exchange experiences and cooperate.

Each of the six camps is a site for political, cultural and media activities, they are creating a space to gather and meet, discuss, make actions and create connections. Camps are happening in:

Tarifa [esp] 02.-08.jul Lendava [slo] 04.-08.jul Krynki [pol] 05.-12.jul Genova [ita] 21.-24.jul Frankfurt [ger] 28.jul-05.aug Tijuana [mex] 24.-26.aug

The distributed bordercamp communication structure starts with the J7 live stream on july 7 and will offer various services and opportunities: is the portal site, where general and background informations about the noborder network and the bordercamps 2001 are available

camp show reel: A public video presentation of the camps at the countersummit in Genova, July 19

camp archive: A video archive, where material from the campsites will be stored for further usage

camp interfaces: Several public or semipublic interfaces will be up and running soon, hosted by, and