Another 'deportee' killed in switzerland - update

Asphylaxia of the Nigerian deportee Samson Chukwu: augenauf demands immediate stop of forcible deportations

26.Jul.01 - The result of the autopsy of the Nigerian Samson Chukwu, who died during the procedure of a forcible deportation on 1st Mai 2001 in Granges near Sion does not leave any doubt: The police officers have applied a method for handcuffing the Nigerian, which is well-known for being possibly lethal, and of whose application is warned in the appropriate literature. Forcing the victim to ly on the stomach with the hands cuffed behind the back, including a police officer to press on the thorax, prevented the necessary respiration. This led to the asphyxia of Samson Chukwu.

augenauf states:

The press communique of 9 May by augenauf described exactly this circumstance as the most probable cause of death of Samson Chukwu. Before, the authorities represented this death as completely unexplainable, suspected congenital or cardiac defects. At the same time the victim was libelled as drug dealer, although he is not legally convicted. Even though this is already the second fatality as result of a deportation from Switzerland, the authorities are not ready to take immediate measures to prevent from further fatalities. This negligence is justified with open legal investigations and procedures, as well as questions of authority between federal and cantonal levels. There is no indication that the recommendations of Amnesty International concerning coercive measures during deportations will be followed before autumn 2002. Each further forcible deportation corresponds to commanding engdangerment of life, as well as a violation of the duty to due diligence.

We demand:

The appropriate authorities to assume responsibility for the death of the two deportees Khaled Abuzarifa and Samson Chukwu, in particular
the head of the Federal Department for Justice and Police, Minister Ruth Metzler,
the president of the conference of the cantonal heads of the departments of Police and Justice (KKJPD)
the heads of the police departments in the cantons Berne and Valais
to immediately stop all forcible deportations without delaying due to open investigations.
To take appropriate steps to follow the recommendations of Amnesty International without delay.
To contact the respective lawyers representing the families of the victims in order to pay damages immediately and unbureaucratically, and last but not least to apologize.