Out now: Crossing Borders #9: Exit is voice!

17.Jan.11 - Again we take the opportunity of a World Social Forum (WSF) in Africa to publish a new issue of Crossing Borders. We are even more convinced to do so as an ambitious project will take place in the weeks before. Demanding "freedom of movement and fair development" a bus caravan with about 200 activists from Africa and Europe start a common protest tour in Bamako in Mali, arriving in Dakar in Senegal for the beginning of the WSF (see page 2). Its not by coincident that you find a longer quotation of our 2nd issue in the opening text on migration and development - "on exit and voice".
Exactly three years ago and with reference to the World Social Forum in Nairobi in January 2007 we published an open letter "to our sisters and brothers in Africa" on our frontpage. We still keep it as an important and valid document, signed by (not only) African migrants in Europe in order to to communicate their transnational approach and experiences to bridge and interconnect the struggles. Migrant struggles and solidarity campaigns are the main topics on the other pages too: the chain of actions 2010, mainly directed against Frontex (page 3); the europeanwide campaign against Dublin II, the project of a transeuropean webguide and the ongoing resistance in Italy (page 4). [download the newsletter here]