Migrationrelated Activities during the European Social Forum in Istanbul

02.May.10 - This is a first summary of the planned migration related workshops at the European Social Forum that is taking place in Istanbul from the 1st to the 4th of July 2010. In addition to the workshops listed here it is proposed to organize a street-protest against detention camps in Turkey, the EU and frontex-pressure to force the the turkish government to act as another watchdog for the eu-borderregime. More information will be added here as it becomes available.

The workshops:

Frontex I, Dublin II, Schengen III .... Protests and daily resistance against the EU-borderregime

FrontExplode – Campaigning against the European border agency (Yorgos Gmaniatis, Dictio, Athens, Greece)
Welcome to Europe – Undermining the Dublin-Regime (Marion Bayer, no one is illegal, Hanau, Germany)
Turkey as new watchdog? Starting movements for transit-migrants in Istanbul (Clemence Durand, Migrant Solidarity Network, Istanbul, Turkey)
5 years after the incidents of Ceuta and Melilla - Solidarity projects in Morocco (Hicham Baraka, ABCDS, Oujda, Morocco)
Moderation N.N.

Migrant Labour on Struggle

Almeria/Spain: Social Centers for Migrant workers in the agriculture (Nicholas Bell, European Civic Forum, France)
Netherlands: Cleaners on Strike (Valery Alzaga, SEIU/International)
Turkey: Labourconditions of transitmigrants (Zeynep Kasli, Migrant Solidarity Network, Istanbul, Turkey)
Italy: Day without migrants - Video contribution from Coordination for the strike of migrant labour in Italy
Moderation (Winnie Medina, transact! Berlin/Germany)

Repression against Migrants and Migrant organizations (Common cross-over-workshop from anti-repression-network and migration network)

Security architecture, Stockholm programme, "data protection" in reference to migration
Arms- and high-tech industry of European border control
Criminalisation of migrants organisations
Struggles against Lager/camps/detentions all over Europe

Learning to be together: constructing educational alternatives on migration, asylum and refugees (joint cross-over-workshop from education network and migration network)

This workshop has the following aims:
Create a network of individuals and organisation interested in themes that relate to education and migration.
Identify, debate and decide future initiatives to be jointly carried out in European schools and educational institutions in order to raise awareness of the issues of migrant,asylum seekers and refugees.

Freedom of Movement and Climate Justice - Two demands in the perspective of global social rights (Joint Cross-over-workshop from climate network and migration network)

Complexities in the term of Climate Refugees (Hagen Kopp, no one is illegal, Hanau/Germany)
Dams and industrial agriculture, displacement and resistance in Turkey/Kurdistan (Ipek Tasli, Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive, Turkey)
Frontex and Desertification in Westafrica - Protest-Caravan to the World Social Forum in Dakar (Lisa Bolyos, transact! Vienna/Austria)
Moderation (Judith Dellheim, Climate Network)

Multimedia Space of Migration Network

Permanent space for exhibitions, video-installations and films on migration, with a main focus on undocumented migrants/sans papiers and their selforganisations all over Europe and beyond...