meanwhile in Bruxelles (photos)...

09.Dec.09 - on the morning of the 2nd of december 2009 about 50 noborder activists managed to block the entrance of the EU council building displaying banners with slogans aimed against the introduction of another 5 year programme of death and detention aimed at migrants attempting to establish themselves in europe. After about 5 minutes the activists pushed back the activists from the council building and the protest was continued for another 2 hours on the other side of the street in front of the Berlyamont building (the seat of the EU commission).

'activists blocking the entrance of the council building'

more photos by Stefano Urani:

'stop exclusion and detention banner (in flemish)'

'police / banner'

'WHY? poster in front of the Berlyamont building'

'protest banners'

'stop deportation'

'stop deportation'

'stop refoulement'

'freedom of movement'

'shut down dublin II'

'protest in the city center'

'protest speech in the city center'