Crossing Borders #7: What Crisis?

02.Aug.09 - "What crisis?" was the reaction of an activist from Mali, as he was recently asked to comment the economical crash, "we live in a permanent crisis!". And of course he is right, looking at the situation in many countries of the global south. Nevertheless, the last 9 months affected in a particular way the living conditions of millions of migrants, not only in the European space. Migration and labour in times of crisis is like a thread that we follow to describe the material effects of the recession in different sectors, but also experiences of resistance or refusal. The socio-political organization of migrant labour remains the crucial question from our point of view. Subsequently we - as Frassanito-network - intend to organize a series of connected discussions and events in various European cities in late autumn '09. Our aim is to create more exchange and transnational communication about practices of self-organization and union campaigns in the field of migrant labour. download issue number 7 of the transnational newsletter here