Crossing Border #6: Where is the world migrating?

21.Sep.08 -  We take the opportunities presented by two events, the European Social Forum in Malmö in September as well as the Euro-African Meeting on Migration in Paris in October, to publish another issue of the transnational newsletter Crossing Borders.

Crossing borders#6 includes 8 pages: The first part summarizes the transnational chain of migration-related actions, providing brief reports from the stations that have taken place so far. The second part discusses some key aspects of current migration in 4 key countries: 2 texts focus on the situation in Germany and Italy, a thrid text takes a closer look at the situation in Mali and in the last article we take another look at the USA following up on the 'sleepy giant', that woke up in the immigrant protests of 2006. An english language pdf of Crossing Borders #6 is available at and a french language version will be available shortly.