Conference against Immigration Controls

03.Mar.08 - Building on the networks established through earlier migration mobilisations such as the October 7th 2006 Day of Action, Trade Unionists and Activists from a range of migrant communities from around the UK will come together for a series of workshops and discussions to build a campaign against the intensifying attacks on migrant workers and their communities in the UK. This gathering aims to develop the capacity of migrant workers, their communities and allies. There will be workshops on resisting raids and checks on immigration status, detention and deportations. There will be discussions on organising migrants workers including workshops on workplace exploitation and bad conditions, domestic work and sex work. There will also workshops on strategies to challenge the exclusion of migrants from housing, education health care and other social services (see the full announcement below)

Trade Union and Community Conference against Immigration Controls

Saturday 29th March 2008 10.30am - 5pm, School Of Oriental And African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H, Tube: Russell Square, buses: 7, 68, 169

Speakers include; John McDonnell MP, trade union activists, and people who successfully fought back against the immigration system

Called by Finsbury Park RMT

Supported by Piccadilly & West RMT, Camden RMT, Central London GMB, UNITE-T&G 1647 Branch (Catering & Domestic Workers), Ilford & Romford UNITE-AMICUS, Clerkenwell & St. Pancras UNITE-AMICUS, Liverpool University UCU, Liverpool Trades Council, Brent Trades Council, Brighton & Hove Trades Council, Bolivian Solidarity Campaign, Ecuadorian Movement in the UK, No One is Illegal, Papers for All, London No Borders, Global Afrikan Congress UK, LTRC Black & Ethnic Members, Latin Front, Latin Community Association, Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, No Sweat, Leicester Civil Rights Movement, Leicester Social Forum and more

Every day people are being detained and deported. Every day people are being denied education, health care, the right to work and thrown into destitution because of their immigration status. Every day people are paid peanuts and made to work in life threatening conditions by unscrupulous employers because of their immigration status. Every day people die trying to cross borders. Every day Immigration Officers raid people's homes at dawn and raid migrants at work.

And it is getting worse with new legislation requiring employers to regularly check papers of 'foreigners'.

BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! If we get together in our workplaces and our communities we can stop this.

To make this happen trade unionists and community activists need to get together to share experiences, develop tactics and networks, find ways of winning trade unions and other organisations to fight these pernicious controls and say No One is Illegal!

So come along to the conference and make this happen.

There will be plenary sessions and workshops and with plenty of time for discussion, including:

- Resisting immigration controls in the workplace
- Access to education, social services, housing & health
- Resisting deportation
- Resisting low pay and poor conditions
- Domestic work
- Sex workers
- Transport industry and immigration controls