Last day of the camp [from PublixTheatreCaravan]

20.Jul.01 - Sunday was the official last day on the camp. Our big (11m) bus arrived yesterday with new people more than 5 new people joining the Caravan, and it also meant that we got our equipment together. Since party amd music lasted till the morning, everyone got up late.

Actually their was the decision to make a big borderdemonstration from the Croatian to the Hungarian border, but it didn`t seem anyone was really in the mood for doing that. Maybe different reasons were caused that: On the one hand we already made a few caravandemos through the villages, and it was just too hot for walking over 10km, and on the other hand we also realized within the last days, that police was quite cool about actions, and slovenien people t want to get too much trouble to danger the campsituation and further projects. So the Caravan got together to a meeting to get stuff like departure, cars, equipment and people organized. 2 buses and 3 cars were leaving us today, other people join, so the caravan itself will change and as well in groupdynamics.

But after all and since there where so many caravancaras there on this last day, we decided to make a fotosecssion with all cars and buses in the field and make a spontanous caravandemo through Lendava and other villages. People seem to like it, after all.

Also some poeple decided they gonna go swimming nacked with our tubes/wheels in the borderriver Mura/Mur and to leave nobordermessages on the trainbridge which crosses the border. So they did, although police past by there once to tell them that nacked swimming is not allowed there and tried to frighten the actiongroup on the bridge with fine threats.

So what kind of resumee can we make about the camp. Definitely compared to the other camps, this one seemed to be the most relaxing one.

What else: it has to be said that the participants and organizers of the camp had different expectations, ideas and probably aims about the camp. After all the peple from Austria were in the majority and unfortunately there were no people from hungary at the bordercamp. It might take some time to develop a common basis , on which we can continue to work together. Definitely it was a step forward to intensify the "trans-Alpina"-Network, which exists between Italy, Croatia, Slowenia and Austria. And we hope Hungary will join the network as well in the near future.