Warsaw: Action day against Frontex

03.Mar.08 - On the 6th of june there will be a day of action against the EU's 'border security' cordination agency Frontex which is based in Warsaw.

For the evening before (Thursday, 5th of June, around 7 p.m.) we plan a bigger event in Warsaw, for information and discussion about Frontex and resistance against this murderous agency of boder control. As we exspect, that many participants from abroad will arrive in Warsaw this day before the protest, we hope for a gathering, which can present to the auditorium manifould experiences about Frontex from various perspectives: about their land-operations in the East, their sea-operations in the South/Mediterranean Sea and near the Westafrican coasts, and also about Frontex's role in the EU-wide charter-deportations.

So we hope to get invited singular delegates from Ukraine or Hungary for the eastern situation, from Greece or Italy or Spain or Marocco for the southern and from Mauretannia or Senegal for the Westafrican reality. Frontex's participation in deportations and readmission-programs could be presented by somebody from Hamburg, where these charters happened in the past and where a nobordercamp is projected for August also as part of the transnational chain of actions.

On the 6th of June there will be a press-conference at 12.30 in a cafe not far from the building, where Frontex is located in the 22nd floor. The mian protest action will start directly afterwards at 2 p.m. with banners directly in front of the entrance of the building, a place, where a lot of traffic by cars as well as by pedestrians can be exspected.

Decentralized actions and Online-demonstration

As mentioned in the call for the chain we hope (and will contact) other groups in various countries to organize simultanous small actions at 6th of June to denounce Frontex in their countries or cities. And additionally and as a main catalyst for public work against Frontex, we hope to develope the idea for a big online-protest for the same day, as a virtual protest from everywhere...