23th February (in Spain): Action Day for Immigrants Rights

17.Feb.08 - On September 2006 migrants associations and supporting groups created the Spanish Network for immigrants rights (REDI in Spanish), a national coordination with the objective of better comunication, of coorganizing protests and of campaigns and support for the fight for immigrants rights. In the last general meeting (Nov. 2007) more then 120 delegates from all over spain decided to call for a common action day on february 23th, just 2 weeks before the general elections. Demonstrations, actions and meetings will be celebrated in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Pamplona, Burgos, Sevilla, etc. In Andalucia there will be a centralized demonstration in Sevilla with the call: "Migration is not the problem, the problem is precarity", with the participation of buses from Malaga, Almeria, Cadiz and people from all andalusian cities.

The 3 demands of all demostrations are: 1- Regularization of all immigrants, 2-Stop the police repression on immigrants, 3- Equal rights for all The REDI network decided also to launch a common campaign- call "For the right to have rights -12 urgent points for the dignity of migrants workers". After a participatory process the main demands have been decided in order to change the hard situation of migrant workers in Spain.

more information can be found at estrecho.indymedia.org

The action day in Spain is part of a transnational chain of migrationrelated actions all over Europe that is taking place between February and October 2008.