meanwhile in Greece

02.Feb.08 - there have been plans by the greek authorities to destroy a self organized camp of migrants erected by migrants waiting for a change to get to Italy in the greek port city of Patras. The destruction of the camp had been planned (and announced) for the 30th of January.

On Tuesday 29th the vast majority of migrants living in Patras participated in a huge a huge demonstration According to greek activists who participated in the events, 'It was amazing that we were in the camp the previous day and in an assembly we organised there, a little before the demonstration, we told them who we are, what we think is going to happen and asked them to come and said that - up to a point - we can guarantee that they won't be arrested. The truth is we expected something like 50 people and we were really amazed when we left the camp with more than 400 people whom, till we reach the centre of the city, were at least 700. In the centre lots of greek people joined the demonstration and in total we were about 2000 people. It was the most amazing demonstration I have been to for a very long time. '

The next day the police did not arrive at the camp to dismantle it. Instead doctors from the state arrived to offer medical help. This underlines the success of the migrants actions in a city where, three months ago, none talked for the migrants and the only voices where against them.

during the demonstration

the camp

during the demonstration

the assembly of the migrants