Program of the frankfurt bordercamp

26.Jul.01 - below you find a description of how to reach the camp and the camps program as of thursday, 26.jul01 [for updates and changes chack the webjounal [in german]]

how to get to the camp:

the camp is located in kelsterbach close to the B43 [national route 43]

by car: at the 'frankfurter kreuz' highway junction turn onto the A3 direction 'koeln' [if you are already on the the A3 stay on it]. leave the A3 at the exit 'raunheim' turn on the B43 in direction of 'kelsterbach'. the camp site is on the left on the banks of the river 'main' shortly before you enter 'kelsterbach'.

by s-bahn [regional mass transit] from frankfurt central train station: take the S8 or S9 direction 'wiesbaden' and exit at the station 'kelsterbach'. from there take the bus no 73 direction 'flughafen terminal2' and exit at the next stop 'rathaus' there take the bus no 74 direction 'kelsterbach niederhoelle' to the final destination 'niederhoelle' exit there, take the walkway along the main to the left for a 500m walk to the campsite


friday, 27.jul.01:

- Arrival & construction of the Camp in Kelsterbach from 1200h

saturday, 28.jul.01:

- Prelude and greeting - mobile opening (auto-Corsi, bicycle demo, s-bahn) with demonstration and mobile music system over three routes in Frankfurts city
- 1300h flea market Frankfurt: distribution of the Camp-newspaper and demonstration
- 1400h roemerberg, Frankfurt: end of the demonstration, speeches and music, after that joint Corso back to the Camp
- Evening in the Camp: opening plenum

sunday, 29.jul.01:

- 1500h airport: classic concert "music against borders" and further activitys in the Terminal: presentation of the placard display against the deportation-Class of the Lufthansa, theater ... , transparent competition.
- ca 1600h welcome-event in Mrfelden-Walldorf for the local population, together with action tolerance
- 1800h, Camp: FrauenLesben-plenum
- Evening in the Camp: "everyone is an expert", "Talkshow" on the modernized boundary regime with participants from Eastern Europe, Kanak Attack, agisra, The Voice and no one is illegal

monday, 30.jul.01 :

- 1400h, Camp: Workshop "immigration debate and social revolution"
- early afternoon, probably in Kelsterbach: event on the NS-"durchgangslager" for Soviet forced workers in Kelsterbach
- 1700h in the Camp: event of the 'innenstadt-AG'. with slide-presentation to the subject "racist controls and exclusion", preparation of the action on Wednesday
- 1900h, in the KOZ (StudentInnenhaus/Uni-Campus), Mertonstr 26-28, Frankfurt: "Zwangsarbeit ausgezahlt?" event and discussion on compensation payments for forced workers during WWII.
- 2100h in the Camp: presentation of the bordercamps in Spain, Slowenia and Poland, the action days against the G8-Summit in Genoa and discussion over the current state and perspektivs of the Europen noborder network project.
- Evening in the Camp: information event on the resistance against the airport expansion with the team environment Wiesbaden (AKU)

tuesday, 31.jul.01:

- 1500h trip to the "historic education-path" to the KZ-Auenlager Walldorf
- early afternoon, probably in Kelsterbach Actions on the subject of forced workers
- 1600h in the Camp: organization to the life situation of afghan refugees, in the BRD
- 1630h in the Camp: AG "dealing with conflicts and racially and sexually motivated assauls..."
- Evening in the Camp: presentation of the nationwide campaign against deportations plus information on the demonstration against the immigrant detention center in rrrrrrrren at the 3.10.2001
- Evening: Camp-plenum

wednesday, 01.aug.01:

- During the day in central Frankfurt: actions against racist inspection, police raids and cctv-surveilance cameras - Attack Kontrollraum!
- Evening into the night: demonstration and festival against internal borders in the city - with speeches, music and Rave

thursday, 02.aug.01:

- Action & discussion on the imposed residence ['residenzpflicht'] by & with The Voice: among other things report on the campaign against the residenzpflicht, Workshop "deportations begin at the borders - imposed residence as a tool for deportations" discussion on the "feminist borders" on antiracist Camps
- 2000h in the Camp, large tent: event by Libertad! : "links in the network and other connections: Lufthansa was offline - resume of a campaign"
- Evenings in the Camp: event by Aktuelle Kamera Bremen: "digital methods of controll of refugees and migrants: Biometrie - information system - Asylcard"

friday, 03.aug.01:

- 0930-1500h "death in the transit" - international Hearing against internment and deportations at airports - for more information & the program go to [a href="" target="new">]
- 1800h in the Camp, small tent, film "invisible domestic workers" with subsequent discussion round on the situation of woman without papers in Germany, that work in private households
- Evening: guest-event of the 'Buendnis gegen Rechts' (BgR) Leipzig on antifacism and antiracism

saturday, 04.aug.01:

- demonstration against immigrant detention and deportations inside and outside the airports terminal building, "Belagerung mit Knastbeben" at the gate 3 in the vicinity of the airport immigrant detention center.
- Evening: final plenum at a public place

sunday, 05.aug.01:

- dismantling
- 1400h: participate in the Sunday walk of the citizen initiative against the airport extension
- departure

furthermore: protests against the brutal Repression in Genoa, Workshops and films in and outside of the Camp, actions against deportation-airlines [Air Algeria, Air Bosna ...] and the bundesgrenzschutz, Antifacist actions and events; Campradio, Webjournal, soccer tournament and much more ...