No Borders UK statement on the Campsfield detainees' escape

It is no crime to escape an illegal prison!

06.Aug.07 - On Tuesday night (July 31st) over 150 detainees in Campsfield immigration prison in Oxfordshire held a yard protest in protest at the appalling conditions inside the detention centre. This was followed by a hunger strike on Wednesday, which was put on hold pending a meeting with Home Office representatives on Friday. A further yard protest on Friday night was held as the meeting failed to meets the prisoners' concerns. Around 10.30pm on Saturday, a riot broke out, leading to 26 prisoners escaping. 12 have since been recaptured, while the rest are still on the run.

The No Borders UK network is in full solidarity with the detainees who have managed to escape this racist prison and all those who are still subject to the regime at Campsfield and all immigration prisons everywhere.

We note that police have portrayed the escapees as criminals, urging members of the public to "contact us immediately should they see anyone they believe could be one of those involved." Seeking asylum is not a crime and these people should not have been imprisoned. We call upon members of the public to assist these vulnerable people.

No Borders UK demands that such degrading and dehumanising immigration prisons, disguised under various names, are closed down immediately. We call for the freedom to move and the right to stay for all people.

No Borders UK