freedom of movement and equal rights @ G8 2007

First (short) call for a big action for freedom of movement and equal rights on the occasion of the mobilisation against the G-8 in 2007 in Germany

20.Jan.06 - 'We are here, because you destroy our countries.' With this central slogan of the Caravan-for the rights of refugees and migrants, the relationship between capitalist destruction and flight and migration is clearly pointed out. The G-8 governments - as well as WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for the neocolonial system of exploitation in the south, they are also deliberately producing a process of intensified selection and exclusion in the northern parts of the world, a hierarchy of rights as well as of social and political positions. All those developments - be it in the north or in the south - we call new global apartheid.

When thousands of migrants and refugees collectively stormed the border fences of the Spanish enclaves in Ceuta and Melilla last October, the crucial demand for freedom of movement and participation (equal rights!) was clearly brought into public attention again for some moments. So was the inhuman, repressive reaction of the European migration-regime too: death-shootings, detentions mass deportations etc.

Since many years we struggled against this brutal border regime, against all deportations and racist controls like the residence law (Residenzpflicht), against camps etc. In particular the fight against the global camp system has become more crucial, since new types of camps have been established, not only in the EU itself, but even outside the EU: in the Ukraine as well as in Libya and Tunisia (Externalisation).

As antiracist networks we won't stop to fight against these politics. In 2006 for instance with further nolager-activities, but also on a daily basis by supporting the permanent process of undermining the racist migration regime.

Freedom of movement was already the main slogan of a huge migration-related demonstration during the Anti-G-8-mobilisation in Genova, in 2001. Freedom of movement and the right to stay was also the headline for an European-wide actionday in April, 2005 as it was decided during the last European Social Forum in London and expressed in its final declaration. We want to follow these and similar tracks and propose to call for another huge action (maybe a demonstration) under the central demands "For freedom of movement" and "equal rights" (and maybe further demands), probably one day before the beginning of the G-8 in Germany in 2007.

We invite all networks and organisations involved in the coming protests against the G8 to support this idea and to appreciate our central demands for freedom of movement and equal rights (and maybe further demands) against the global apartheid regime as one important pillar in the common G8-mobilisation. On the other hand, this means that we are of course also ready to support other pillars and demands of other networks or movements as well. Because those interconnections and cooperations are the reason why we are interested in a common and strong anti-G8-mobilisation!

Decembre, 2005. NoLager Network more signatories: Karawanegruppe Bremen, Karawanegruppe München, Karawanegruppe Bielefeld, Antirassismusplenum Göttingen, kein mensch ist illegal Hamburg, Kanak Attak Hamburg, Aktionsbündnis gegen Abschiebung Rhein-Main, Bürengruppe Paderborn, Initiative gegen das Chipkartensystem Berlin, kein mensch ist illegal Hanau, Rasthaus Freiburg, AGIS Darmstadt. Contact: info at nolager dot org.