Videos from the slovenian bordercamp

09.Jul.01 - Video1:
the footage of this video was shot by the noborder nonation caravan during the bordercamp in lendava. the video shows fridays 'carnival information procession' through the border region, the 'uno day' action in the no-man's land between slovenia and croatia, the campsite, the publixtheatre caravan leaving the camp and mondays action at the immigrant detention centre in lubiljana. [+/- 7min13sec. • real video]

we have two versions of the video, on for narrow band internet connections [56k modem - dual isdn] and one for broadband internet connections [min 256k dsl or cable]

[most of the pictures in this video show the activists of the publixtheatre caravan in action. these same persons are presently imprisoned in italy accused among other things of being members of the terrorist organisation 'black-block'. even a quick glance at these pictures will reveal the absurdity of these accusations.
for the latest news about the imprisoned activists and to find out how you can support them click here]

The following two videos were produced for the streaming the border video event on july 7th. they are available only in one [low bandwidth] version:

Video 2:

This video gives a short impression of the bordercamp in lendava. It was produced on the fly during the camp and first shown in the context of july 7th 'streaming the border' project. it features short interviews with activists and ahows a demonstration/action that took place directly on the slovenian-croatian border [3min45sec. real video] [click here to play]

Video 3:

The second video was also produced by the publixtheater caravan that travels along various camps. it shows actions/demonstrations that happend on the occassion of the WEF meeting in salzburg that took place one week before the camp [2min08sec real video] [click here to play]