1st of may 2005: euromayday005

Euromayday 2005 Call

22.Apr.05 - Precarity is the most widespread condition of labour and life in Europe today. It affects everyone, everyday, in every part of life: whether chosen or imposed, precarity is a generalised condition experienced by the majority of people.

Precarious people are now the corner-stone of the wealth production process. Notwithstanding this, we are invisible and count for nothing in the traditional forms of social and political representation or in the European agenda.

As precarious of Europe -- flex, temp and contortionist workers, migrants, students, researchers, unmotivated wage slaves, pissed off and happy part-timers, insecure temps, willingly or unwillingly unemployed -- we are acting so as to grasp the moment/our time and struggle for new collective rights and our individual and collective possibility to choose our future.

This is why we are building a public space on a European level to catalyse new forms of social cooperation, and maximize the sharing of skills, experiences and resources: to construct and bring to life a new social imagination.

We call on everyone in Helsinki, Barcelona, Hamburg, Liege, Ljubjana, Sevilla, Milano, Copenhagen, Maribor, Paris, Amsterdam, L'Aquila, Marseille, Wien, London, Stockholm, Napoli and Palermo to participate in the Euromayday process.

On April 2nd, join us in the second international day of action against deportation camps and for the freedom of movement and right to stay.

On May 1st, come to the Euromayday Parades an/dd take part in the actions on the streets of Europe.

We are acting to become the protagonists of our own lives.

Precarious of the world let's conspire and strike for a free, open, radical europe!