meanwhile in Italy...

22.Mar.05 - In Italy the action process toward the actionday on the 2nd of april and Euromayday has already started with many initiatives against detention centres and for social rights. Among others, on the 19th of febbruary different networks had a demonstration in Parma after the brutal eviction of a house occupied by migrants and asylum seekers.
On the 26th of febbruary the detention center of Gradisca (near Gorizia, north east of Italy) has been the target of a direct action put into practice by Invisibili networks and migrants precariousness networks who asked to stop its building. The action was radical but symbolical and peaceful, nonetheless Police reacted repressing it violently. [more information here].
Tomorrow, saturday 19th of march in Milan a demonstration against the detention center of via Corelli will go on , associations will try to get in because of the last news of police's beatings against detainees. [more information in italian can be found here]