Videos from the tarifa bordercamp

11.Jul.01 - During the camp in tarifa a number of videos have been produced. some of them have been encoded into real video format and can be watched on this site. just click on one of the links below.
[as most of the videos are in spanish and i dont speak spanish the information on them is incomplete and not very reliable]

Video 1:

an interview in english on some police action that happend during one of the actions and another interview in spanish on ??? [5min14sec • real video] [click here to play]


pictures from the bordercamp, music, an interview with sombody in spanish. [2min08sec • real video] [click here to play]


pictures of the bordercamp including an action on the beach in tarifa. [16min08sec • real video] [click here to play]


some visual impressions from tarifa with 2 minutes of sunset [!!!] at the end. [4min41sec • real video] [click here to play]