Beyond ESF - Programme & Timetable

Beyond ESF will be held at Middlesex University, Tottenham Campus, White Hart Lane (close to white hart lane train station - 2 stops from seven sisters), and on the W3 bus route from Alexandra Palace.

10.Oct.04 - Part conference, part direct action, part celebration of self-organised cultures of resistance. This event is supposed to be as big as you make it, as important as you want it to be - an opportunity to create something different, inspiring. Beyond ESF is radically different from the Official ESF. No government sponsorships (GLA & Mayor of London) and no political parties (add the party of your choice here!). There will be no 'leading activists', 'big name speakers' or entrance fee. However there will be thousands of people, from groups and collectives from around Europe - sharing their experiences in taking back their lives. From collectives that are creating free public transport, to subverting the brand culture, migrants occupying buildings to meet their communities needs, to Chainworkers reclaiming flexibility. It is posed as a gathering of those against hierarchically organised power and who see that the means of our struggle must meet the ends.

During the 5 days, we have called for Beyond ESF to be a convergence point of these struggles. There will be 4 major themes which we hope people will engage with from Autonomy & Struggle, No Borders & Migration, Precarity, Social control & repression. We see these as being diverse & common struggles to us all. Common because they exist in our global neighborhoods and at some point in our lives we are all involved in their consequences. Diverse because of their perceived separation from each other. As we have al l have come to find, every thing in life is connected. And by providing that connection, we can facilitate a consciousness that goes beyond the limitations of 'single issue' struggles to creating ruptures in the orders of capitalism.

Beyond ESF will be held at Middlesex University, Tottenham Campus, White Hart Lane (close to white hart lane train station - 2 stops from seven sisters), and on the W3 bus route from Alexandra Palace.

Beyond ESF will open on the evening of Wednesday 13th October with a 'welcome assembly of autonomous spaces'. On the Thursday, Friday & Saturday there will be a mixture of workshops & presentations from ongoing struggles around Europe; and strategy discussions - aimed not just at a one-off conference but helping to build networks, initiatives, projects and actions in the future. Additionally, there will be ample space to discuss, organise and conspire against the summit of the G8 leaders in Scotland 2005 as part of the Day of DISSENT!

Every evening there will be an anti-authoritarian assembly for reports of the day's discussions in the autonomous spaces. These assemblies will also be used to take discussion forward for the following days.

Every night there will be food, cinema & live music. All events will be free and all food will be vegan & donation.

We will close on the morning of Sunday 17th with final assembly to take the outcomes of the gathering forward.


Wednesday Oct. 13th

7pm - 9pm All Saints Chapel
A welcoming assembly and presentation of all autonomous spaces of the European Social Forum.

Communication rights forum
European Creative Forum
Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination
Life despite Capitalism
Urban City Forum
Radical Theory Forum
Beyond ESF

Thursday Oct. 14th

9am-11am (Marquee)

Title: Squatting in England 1649 to date - 11.00am - 12.30pm - Room: Marquee Description: a presentation on the history of squatting in England and particularly squatting movements and social space. Hopefully this will provoke a discussion of experiences from different countries, and of how the relative legality here has helped and/or recuperated the movement. Group: Advisory Service for Squatters Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: Supporting Traveller and Roma Self-Defense 11am - 12.30pm - Room: Hendrix Lounge Description: All over Europe Roma and Traveller people are under attack, eg racist murders from Slovakia to the UK; and in the UK forcible eviction from their own land. We aim to bring together Roma and Travellers, and activists supporting them. Films and discussion on what action people can take to defeat this ethnic cleansing. Group: hosted by Traveller Support Network Theme: No Borders

Title: European Anti-Repression Network 11am - 12.30pm - Room: K410 Description: A Europe wide network supporting political prisoners & fighting for justice against political repression. Group: European Anti-Repression Network Theme: Repression & Social Control

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

Title: Creating Free Public Transport! 13.30 - 15.00 - Room: Hendrix Lounge Description: In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki free public transports have been created by the commuters themselves. Group: Globalisation from below [SWE], [SWE], [FIN] Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: The Prison Industrial Complex -Towards A British and/or European Critical Resistance 13.30 - 15.00 - Room: Marquee Description: Whilst Critical Resistance in America ( are building an effective anti prison movement, including P.O.W's (prisoners of the class war). The British anti Prison movement has gone relatively backwards since the 1970's. Is this a problem in Europe, and what can we do about it? Group: North East Class War Theme: Repression & Social Control

Title: Plan Puebla Panama - Resistance in Meso America 13.30 - 15.00 - Room: K410 Description: The PPP (Plan Puebla Panama) is not a Free Trade Treaty, it is the consequence of them. The PPP is a massive plan, that has already begun that involves gas pipelines, super truck highways, damns, deep sea ports even a 'dry canal' that are intended to create a massive 'super poor' sweatshop zone in mesoamerica (southern mexico to panama) that exports the resources but keeps in the people. There is a strong movement across the region to oppose this Plan; interviews from resistance gatherings in Chiapas are a part of this presentation. Theme: Zapatismo

Title: Yomango...because you can't buy happiness! 15.00 - 16.30 - Room: Hendrix Lounge Description: YOMANGO is a brand name [ Mango is a popular Spanish clothing chain, now spreading all over Europe. YOMANGO, in Spanish slang means something like 'I love shoplifting'], which like all other major brand names is not so much about selling concrete stuff, but more about promoting a lifestyle.

In this case, the YOMANGO lifestyle - shoplifting as a form of social disobedience and direct action against multinational corporations having a really good time!. Latest news: videos, actions, tools... Group: YOMANGO Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: Autonomy & Coffee: Café Rebelde Zapatista 15.00 - 16.30 - Room: tbc Description: Talk & film about the self-organised co-operatives in the Zapatista communities in Chiapas. Organised by: Café Rebelde Collective Theme: Zapatismo

Title: Direct Action / Blockading Training 15.00 - 16.30 (Marquee) Description: Want to take direct action to stop corporate destruction? This is a practical workshop on blockading including sit down blockades and lock-ons. Group: Seeds for Change

Title: Dole Resistance, Unwaged Activism And Precarious Work 17.00 - 18.30 - Room: K301 Description: With input from people involved with claimant's unions, unwaged action and campaigns, we will talk about the possibilities for resisting the state efforts to impose work discipline on the workless and force us into low-paid precarious work that are taking place across Europe. Will include a comic look at dole resistance of the past! Group: WOMBLES, Edinburgh claimants group Theme: Precarity/Casualisation

Title: Injustice Screening & Q&A 17.00 - 19.00 - Room: K145 Description: Film screening on police murders followed by Q&A with families of those killed by police. Group: Migrant Media/United Families & Friends Campaign Theme: Repression & Social Control

Title: Stop ID cards 19.00 - 20.30 - Room: K145 Description: Later this year the Government plans to put a bill before parliament to introduce Identity Cards and start compiling a national database of the entire UK population. If they get away with this it will massively increase the powers of the state to monitor and control people. The plans include a legal requirement to attend appointments for fingerprint and iris scans, and to notify the government every time you move address - with a £1000 penalty if you don't - and a range of other measures and penalties. [Although the Government claims that the scheme will not be compulsory, the draft bill itself contains provision for registration to be made compulsory at a later date, and states clearly that this is the ultimate intention.] Come and hear more about the Government proposals, the implications of the scheme, and discuss how we can get organised to defeat these oppressive plans. Group: Haringey Solidarity Group Theme: Repression & Social Control

19.00 - 21.00 - Room: All Saints Chapel

Friday Oct.15th

Breakfast - 9am - Marquee

G8 2005: DAY OF DISSENT! MORNING ASSEMBLY : Day of Dissent 10.00 - 11.00am (Marquee) Theme: G8 2005

Day of Dissent! Educational Workshop 11am - 12.30pm (Marquee) - Backgrounds and History to G8 - Climate Change, War and Oil - Food and Agricultural Policies of the G8 - Dissent! and PGA networks Theme: G8 2005

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Day of Dissent: workshops 13.30-15.00 - Creating Digital Media - Room: K271 (Alternative media space) - Past Mobilisation's and Experiences - Room: All Saints Chapel Theme: G8 2005

Day of DISSENT! Title: Consensus in large groups 13.30-15.00 - Room: K304 Description: A practical workshop on how we can make consensus work in large groups and meetings. Try out models for inclusive and effective decision-making in groups from dozens to hundreds of people. Group: Seeds for Change Theme: G8 2005

Day of DISSENT! Title: An Introduction to the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army: Including a taster training workshop 13.30-15.00 (Marquee) Description: The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA), is a gaggle of activist/tricksters, who are developing a method of political activism that brings together the ancient practice of rebel clowning and the more recent practice of Civil Disobedience. CIRCA will be on a recruitment tour of the UK and Europe in spring 2005 and hopes to bring numerous battalions of clownbattants to mock the G8.

"the clowns are organising the clowns are organising - over and out" Overheard on Police radio, July 4th action against Menwith Hill spy base. Group: Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army Theme: G8 2005

Day of DISSENT! workshops 15.00-16.30 -Trauma and Mass Mobilisations - Room: K304 - Action Strategy - Room: K306 - Beyond the G8 - Room: K408 Theme: G8 2005

Day of DISSENT! Working groups 17.00 - 18.30 International Networking. - Room: K144 Legal - Room: K401 Medical - Room: K304 Educational Road show - Room: K408 Alternative Media - Room: K271 (Alternative media space) Theme: G8 2005

Also on Friday:

NO BORDERS ConvergenceI 10.00am - 12.30pm - Room: Hendrix Lounge -Discussion about March 26 global day of action -Convergence for everyone who wishes to be involved in No Borders discussions.

Title: Presentations of Social Centre projects 11am - 12.30pm - Room: K408 Description: Occupied Social Centre Project: Over the last year we have occupied 2 social centres in London, resisted eviction for several months, and had an impact on people in the local area. We wish to share our experiences and progress this project further. Telefonplan Social Center - we squatted for a whole week* in cold February, together with the FSH (Association of Homeless in Stockholm) which had a big impact on the political agenda concerning the lack of housing. We communicated via a homepage during this project; there is some pictures and a text in English as well. A week is long for a illegally squatted house in Sweden, usually it takes a couple of hours before the cops arrive. Social Center Siperia in Helsinki will also join the workshop and share their experiences. Group: Globalization from Below/Planka (Swe) / Siperia (FIN) / WOMBLES (UK) Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Title: Global Social Centre Action 13.30 - 15.00 - Room: K305 Description: To take a building in London together and create an international social centre, with both migrants & non-migrants, internationals & Londoners. When people return home the project will continue and so will the international solidarity. Group: WOMBLES (UK) & Droits Devants (France) Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: Resisting the Clash - Building Networks of Solidarity Against Colonialism in the Middle East and the "Clash of Civilisations" 13.30 - 15.00 - Room: Hendrix Lounge Description: Grassroots social movements from the Middle East and Europe are working together in order to combine existing networks and forms of action in the struggle against the so-called "clash of civilisations". We want to fight this new repackaging of old racist ideas used to legitimise colonial domination, while at the same time helping each other to resist old and new forms of oppression.

This presentation will be the first in a 5-month tour across the continent and include activists from the following movements:

International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Palastine / International
Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq Israeli Social Guerrilla Activists (Maapach, Conscience Objectors, Green Action, etc)
Lebanese Social Guerrilla Activists (IMC Beirut, Lebanese Gay and Lesbian Rights group, etc)
Occupation Watch (UK)
Theme: No Borders

Title: freedom of movement against migration management - stop IOM 15.00 - 17.00 - Room: K144 Description: film and short introduction about IOM (international organisation for migration)and the campaign of no border network against migration management. afterwards: debate, why we think, that iom should be one target in a common struggle against global governance. Group: anti racism office Bremen and no one is illegal hanau (both groups are part of no border network) Theme: No Borders

Title: Greenpepper Magazine (Amsterdam) & Mute Magazine (London) present: PRECARITY Ping Pong 15.00-17.00 - Room: All Saints Chapel Description: three action-packed rounds, one multiple and federated fight !

A critical forum introducing the spread of new modes of labour conflict by rebelling précaires and cognitaires across Europe, explaining and tearing apart the discourse of precarity shaping these flexfights, and intersecting different tactics for demanding new social rights.

- ROUND ONE: n/european labour conflict and strategies of self-representation
- ROUND TWO: immaterial labour and the feminisation of work
- ROUND THREE: from flexibility to flexicurity: strategies of appropriation

Featuring: speakers from Chainworkers [], Coordination Intermittents et Précaires Ile de France], Precarious a la Derive [Madrid, Spanish state], EuroMayDay [], Yo Mango [Barcelona, Spanish state], P2P Fightsharing [Rome, Italy], and more tbc.

Launching: the brand new Greenpepper Magazine - Precarity issue [edited and designed by Alex Foti and Zoe Romano, Chainworkers, Milano]. Hot off the riso machines!

Screening: shorts from the brand new multilingual P2P Fightsharing - Precarity DVD (compiled, designed and subtitled by Candida TV and Guerilla Marketing, Rome)

*(Derived from the latin verb precor, PRECARITY (Précarité/Precariedad/Precarietà) literally means being forced to beg and pray to keep one's job. Precarity is the social state of work and being in the age of high (and mortiferous) neoliberalism. In our postindustrial age, knoweldge and service industries are the two primary sectors producing financial value and global wealth. But it is here that flex/temp/brain/chain workers are organising, demanding new social rights and developing a new radical identity: corporations and eurocrats beware! Organized by: Theme: Precarity/Casualisation

Title: Indigenous Sovereignty in North America: Framed by the FBI, John Graham - stop the Extradition! 15.00 - 16.30 - Room: K401 Description: John Graham is an indigenous activist, the US government is seeking his extradition for a murder committed in 1976. The history of the American genocide, the American Indian Movement and the continuing Indian Wars are a part of his story. This presentation is a part of an international campaign to stop his extradition to the US. Organised by: John Graham Defense Committee. Theme: Repression & Social Control

Title: "piqueteros" and Argentinean (sub)urban zapatismo 15.00 - 16.30 - Room: K305 Description: How do workless people from poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires self-organize themselves to create their plants, libraries, farms, schools, mini-hospitals. Why do they try to have public services out of the State. Confrontation with the power and repression. Two videos in Spanish (one with subtitles in English) of 20 minutes each one. Organised by: Federico Amouretti (Marseille Network of Social Disobedience) Theme: Zapatismo

Title: Queers without Borders 17.00 - 18.30 - Room: K306 Description: a meeting to gather queer activists of all sexualities to discuss future actions against border regimes and in support those experiencing oppression from state, church, or a lack of freedom of movement. this meeting has the goal of strengthening already existing links with queers in serbia and the middle east, and a vision towards of a network of queers that can make coordinated actions. Theme: No Borders

Title: Caracoles, Autonomous Health And New Paths Of Resistance 17.00 - 18.30 - Room: K305 Description: Autonomous healthcare in Zapatista communities in Mexico Organised by: Edinburgh-Chiapas solidarity group Theme: Zapatismo

Evening Assembly - DISSENT! G8 Room: All Saints Chapel -7.00pm - 9pm Convergence of G8 struggles (speakers from VAAG, GENOA, DISSENT!) Plenary in the form of a spokes council, working group feedback, strategy, Discussions.... Theme: G8 2005

Saturday Oct.16th


Title: The VOICE Refugee Forum London-(in Solidarity with 10 years of refugee selforganisation and restriction ofmovement- The VOICE Refugee forum Germany) All day Saturday 11.00 - 7pm All Saints Chapel

Together with asylum-seeker/refugee/migrant activists from Iran, the Sudan (Dafur) and refugee activists from Germany, France and the U.K. we will organise a workshop with discussions about repression in refugee homelands and the repression/persecution of refugees in or by the host-land. We will discuss self-organisation of resistance with the International Legal Support Team-London and make some proposals for practical alternatives and creative interventions, also for further networking and local political support for upcoming events like the Anti-G8, March 26 Solidarity Day against repression, and ongoing pressure to end deportation.

Programme: 11.00-12.30 Discussion on repression and resistance in refugee homeland

Repression in Iran by Hassan Zendeh Del, Woman activist Hagir Ahmed of Sudan(Dafur)

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

13.30-16.30 Discussion on the repression and resistance in refugee host lands; Germany, UK, France and the deadly practises of "Fortress Europe" being confronted by the Self-organisation of asylum seekers/ refugees/ migrants/ political activists. Presentation of the International Legal Support Team.

- The repression and deportation in France in connection with Sans Papiers (without papers) activist, Omeyya from "le M.I.B." Movement D'Immigration De Banlieure(Immigrant Movement in the Suburbs).

-Self-organised refugee resistance in Germany, with Gaston Ebua. Celebrating 10 years of active resistance of The VOICE Refugee forum Germany demanding free movement for asylum seekers in Germany against living 'illegally' under a ban on movement.( )


17.00-18.30 Plenary Discussion Discussion summary of our workshop for alternatives. Perspectives for a structure to strengthen our local refugee network for political support involving urgent actions for threatened asylum-seeker activists: Focusing on anti deportation, no border as well as capitalism a system of domination every where which deports and stops us to move. Theme: No Borders

Also on Saturday:

Title: Facing the Society of Control 11am-12.30 Room: K145 Description: The development of western capitalism after the 70's is accompanied with new kinds of social control. Why and how has "the society of control" emerged? What can we do? Seminar + open discussion + video of an action Organised by: Anti-Authoritarian Movement (Thessaloniki) Theme: Repression & Social Control

Title: Destroy the Arms Trade 11am-12.30 Room: A110 Description film and discussion around direct action against the arms trade. Various people from different campaigns and actions will share their experiences and lessons learnt.We hope lots of people will come with their own. The emphasis will be on affinity groups. Group: hosted by London Disarm DSEi

Title: European mobilization against the Constitution 11.00 - 12.30 Room: K301 Description: We would like to (briefly) speak about the Constitution. and moreover about, how, at a European level, we can organize ourselves, us anti globalization activists. How could we coordinate actions, and which ones. Organised by: Vamos! - Intergalactique Network (France) + Xarxa (Global mobilization network) Barcelona Theme: No Borders

Title: Bristle magazine - "showing anger or desire to resist". 13.30-15.00 Room: A157 Description: A workshop on the Bristle collective's experiences and ideas about producing a self-funded anarchist magazine for nearly ten years in Bristol, with discussion on the continuing need for printed alternative media. Group: Bristle collective members Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: Precarious work and the informal economy under neo-liberalism: Class composition 13.30-15.00 Room: K145 Description: The new economic experience is one of precarious work and work in the informal economy for large sections of our populations, and can be seen as dynamic occupational practice under neo-liberalism. The capitalist state and corporate strategy is; penal welfare social policy, and neo-conservative social discipline, partly embodied in the New Deal in Britain. Group: North East Class War Theme: Precarity/Casualisation

Title:- Ethical trading and Caterpillar 13.30-15.00 Room:A110 Name of Group: Caterkiller Brief Description: A workshop examining strategies to encourage Caterpillar to live up to it's claims

Title: Kiptik, solidarity group working in the autonomous communities of Chiapas 15.00 - 16.30 Room: K157 Description: Experiences and lessons of direct solidarity work in the Zapatista communities in resistance, to contribute to discussion on our shared struggle for autonomy and radical social / ecological change. Organised by: Kiptik (UK) Theme: Zapatismo

Title: Plotting Against Industrial Agriculture 15.00 - 16.30 Room: A110 Description: information and experience sharing for those active/interested in community food growing. Discussion topics may include comparisons/contrasts between community food growing in different European regions; between urban/ rural areas. also, to what extent can community food growers play a role in wider anti-capitalist struggles/ movement? Group: Organiclea Workers Co-Op Theme: Autonomy & Struggle

Title: Action Chommage!, unemployed and precarious workers's network in France. 15.00- 16.30 Room: K145 Description: presentation of our forms of actions, (self-reductions, occupations, marches...), our way of organising (networking), our demands for new rights (a guaranteed income to be the masters of our own mobility and as an answer to precarity, free access to all forms of commons or public services: transports, energy, culture,... Organized by: Action Chommage! (France) Theme: Precarity/Casualisation

Title:- Resisting the draft in Israel ( in Middle East wars) 17.00 - 18.30 Room: K145 Brief Description:- Two of the recently jailed draft resisters Adam Maor and Matan Kaminer are coming to London, keen to talk with other war resisters . They can speak about why they refused to fight, how they challenged the Israeli state; how they worked with other prisoners and detainees, and what strategies are needed to generalise resistance to Sharon within Israel. Group:- Shministim/ Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Title: Anti-Olympics 17.00 - 18.30 - Room: A110 Description: During the last years we have had some participation in the wider anti2004 movements here, and we would like to present our experience on what the Olympic Games were about (in terms of social costs, city life and police control, environmental damages, etc.). Group: Virus Collective (Greece) Theme: Repression & Social Control

Title: Repression and prison support Guadalajara, Mexico 17.00 - 18.30 Room: K157 Description: During the anti-globalization protests against the Latin American European Union summit on 28th of May in Guadalajara, Mexico, 111 people were arrested, 49 with charges, 17 are still in jail, and 8 foreigners were deported. Police harassment, beatings, physical and psychological torture were the norm in repressing political dissent. Activist from Mexico talk of the repression and solidarity campaign for those still inside prison. Theme: Repression & Social Control

First Assembly Of Europe's Precariat (Or Precariat In Europe) 16.00-18.30 - Perry Hall Description: Precarity is fast-emerging as the central social issue in heavily flexibilized Europe. Job precariousness and associated social anxiety are spreading all over Europe, from East Germany to Southern Spain, from Britain to Sweden, and lacking a radical leftist outlet it could well put wind in the sails of assorted fascists, as it has already happened in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and elsewhere. Since Florence and Paris, and especially since last year, a transeuropean radical movement of precarious workers, media and labor activists has been taking shape, culminating in the great mayday 004 demos in Dublin, Milano, Barcelona, Helsinki, Palermo. Young flex and temp workers in retail, service, information, knowledge industries are starting to rebel against unacceptable living conditions and abusive work contracts and practices. Neoliberalism is in crisis everywhere and become increasingly authoritarian, as Rumsfeld's flexible invasion and occupation of Iraq constantly reminds us. Time has come for activists to join forces and reverse the free-market tide all over Europe, by staging strong transmetropolitan conflicts in the hubs and sites of postindustrial accumulation. The assembly is a step in this direction. Sisters and Brothers: let's unite against Barroso, Blair, Berlusconi, and the gross inequality they foster with their mendacious, war-mongering policies. organizers: Wombles participants:, NAN (Nordic Anticapitalist Network), Monsun, Motkraft, AFA Berlin, Precog, Global Project, ChainWorkers, YoMango, Indymedia Estrecho, Precarias a la Deriva, Universidad Nómada, Coordination Intermittents et Précaires, Stop précarité, and other collectives and networks against precarity. Theme: Precarity/Casualisation

Radical Ecological Space - All Day Saturday Room: K144

Title: GM skill share 11am-12.30pm Room: K144 Description: Skill share in GM crops , workshop/discussion on GM foods.

Title: New Technologies 13.30-15.00 Room: K144 Description: On the Inside - a skill share on finding out who's researching what, Where and controlling that research

Title: Carbon Trading 15.00-16.30 Room: K144 Description: While the inter-governmental solution to the climate crisis, the Kyoto Protocol, has been an important forum for action, it does contain potentially damaging loopholes. Countries can now trade emissions rights, generate 'carbon credits' in the global South and use 'carbon sinks' to count towards their targets. Can inter-governmental bodies such as the G8, the UNFCCC or the WTO create real solutions to climate change? In this workshop we will discuss how the Kyoto Protocol has in effect privatised the atmosphere and explore bottom-up solutions to climate change." Group: Carbon Trade Watch project in the Transnational Institute and two of us will do the workshop: Heidi & Tami.

Title: Roads to Ruin. The capitalist destruction of the planet. 17.00-18.30 Room: K144 Description: An open workshop to bring together people from the anti-road movement in order to spread information about campaigns and hopefully connect people to take practical actions. I want to keep it fairly broad and open but also focused on clear examples of where a capitalist "development" is blatantly trashing the environment: so global deforestation is the general theme. The thing is it is roads that are usually the starting point for a wider degradation of the surrounding environment, so it links in. requirements: projector Group: DE cymru (EF cymru)

Title: Solidarity South Pacific 18.30-20.00 Room: K144 Description: Why Solidarity? Throughout the Pacific Rim wild nature and wild culture are under attack. Loggers tear down the forests. Mining corporations rip open chasms in the earth. Free tribal societies are either exterminated or assimilated. In this century over half of the earth's diverse forms of life are facing extinction-these are critical times. Against the death culture, rebellion grows. The victorious eco-insurrection in Boubainville and the strenghtening indigenous resistance in West Papua are just two examples. For Ten years the British radical ecological movement have taken inspiration from Pacific struggles and in return carried out solidarity actions against companies and embassies. In the middle of 2002 many of us behind these actions decided we needed to consolidate to make sure we can give more consistant support to struggling wild peoples in this region. We are not an NGO and have no paid staff or any significant funding. We do how ever have determination in bucket loads. We aim primarily to aid the West Papuan tribal resistance, Earth First!, plus tribal and ecological struggle in the Phillipines and to bring attention to the revolution in Bougainville. Come along and find out more. Group: WILDFIRE

Evening Assembly - Saturday 19.00-21.00 Room: Perry Hall

Sunday Oct.17th

Final Assembly - 10am-1pm - Room: Perry Hall A roundup of discussions that have happened during the conference and any outcomes.

NO BORDERS Convergence II - 18.00 - 21.00 Room: All Saints Chapel

Alternative media/radio space - Friday 15th -Sunday 17th - all day Room: K271