2nd day of europeanwide actions on 2 april 2005

25.Sep.04 - as a follow-up to the 1st european day of migrants struggles on the 31st of january 04 [see here and here] there will be a second european action day on the 2nd of april 2005. there has not been a decision on the central theme of next years action day yet, but taking into consideration the variety of realities in different countries this years action day will probably have a general theme based on the positive demands "for freedom of movement and the right to stay". In addition it was proposed to put the mobilisation for the 2nd day of actions into the context of a practical criticism/challenging/sabotaging of the exclusive character of european citizenship that is currently being established with new 'european constitution'. all groups are invited now to think and communicate about the contents, the forms and character of mobilisations for the 2nd day of action. a final call for the action-day will be published during the european social forum in London in october.