summer?!: nobordercamps, actions and conferences

27.Jun.04 - 2004 like every other summer will see a number of 'noborder' events taking place all over Europe (and northern Africa). As usual has compiled a handy calendar with information about and links to all the noborder camps, conferences, tours and actions that we know of. enjoy...

22nd and 23rd of june 2004 in tarifa/spain, tangiers/morrocco:
"trans-acciones fadaiat" - a two days event around the topics of freedom of movement and freedom of communication in the geopolitical territory of the straits of gibraltar, southern border between fortress europe and multitudinar africa.

9th - 16th of july 2004 in imatra/finland:
nobordercamp near the border to russia. The camp will gather to Imatra people interested in migration and free movement issues from Finland, Russia and other parts of Europe. The purpose is to strengthen our understanding of border related issues and find ways for abolishing borders.

15th -19th of july in Krynki/Poland:
Anti-Border Camp The camp will take place at the same place it did 3 years ago and last year, in Kundzicze near Krynki on the border with Belarus. more info: (warning: obscure, hippiesque)

july, august, september 2004 from the balcan to the baltic states:
border 04 - a manifold project with stations, contacts, researches, workshops and actions to surround, circumvent and perforate the new external borders of europe ...

23rd - 29th of july 2004 in beograd/post-yugoslavia:
3rd gathering in europe of peoples global action - network (pga) including an "embedded meeting" of noborder-network, with workshops about eu-enlargement and borderregime, about global migration management and the IOM. read the call

20th of august - 5th of september 2004 in various cities in germany:
anti-lager-action-tour along and against all forms of camps/lager, for example isolated refugee-homes, reception-centers, deportation-prisons, detentions

20th - 29th of august 2004 in rivesaltes, near perpignan:
temporary autonomous zone against borders. a self-managed space at the end of August near Perpignan, in the south of France. About ten kilometres outside town, near Rivesaltes, the French authorities have located a migrant detention centre in the ruins of a concentration camp originally designed as barracks for the colonial Tirailleurs Senegalais, a regiment of African troops. more info:

10th - 12th of september 2004 in london/uk: international preparation-meeting for migration related topics and networking during the 3rd european social forum, which will take place from 14th - 17th of october 2004 in london. contact: