Anti-fascist action in Moscow

17.Mar.04 - Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) is a new attempt by Moscow fascists to set up a respectable facade behind which to spread hate. It has had some success in its organising efforts lately, and in three regions of Moscow they have militias which cooperate with police in "search of illegal immigrants". Their second attempt to organise a rally this year was succesfull (20th of February their action was banned), in 16th of March they met in front of Gorki's park with pretext of "commemoration of victims of bomb attack" of 6th of February, in a shameful attempt to score politically from a massacre in metro committed by persons unknown. Orthodox christians commemorate dead 40 days after death, but fascist filth is weak in arithmetics and this was really only 39th day. Some 150- 200 nazis gathered behind police encirclement, half of whom were boneheads and other street fighters, spitting hate under banners such as "Ermolov instead of Kadirov" (Ermolov was Czar's brutal general in Siberia and Caucasus, Kadirov is current Putin's goon in Chechnya) and demanding cleansing Moscow from Chechnyans.

Only 15 persons gathered to go against fascists in open air, these sorry numbers reflect current balance of power between anti-fascists and nazis in streets Moscow. Anti-fascists included anarchists from Rainbow Keepers and Autonomous Action. Radical wing of liberal anti-fascism from Sabotage-group and website was observing the nazi meeting, and some of them joined action. Some 5 persons from wacko Revolutionary Worker's Party (RRP) also appeared, although no-one had invited them.

Soon after arrival to square, anarchist anti-fascists raised banner "FSB is blowing us up" with crossed swastika and crossed sickle and hammer, scanning slogans "Fascism won't trespass!" and "Fascist scum, get out from Moscow!". For a moment author of these lines wondered if this would become the last action of his life. However slow ass nazi scum missed their opportunity to organise massacre of the month, police encircled counter-demonstrators and arrested some 5 persons and teared their banner to pieces. Right when cops had withdrawn, anti-fascists raised another banner "No-one is illegal", and continued scanning slogans. Another 5 persons got arrested by OMON which came up running, one Rainbow Keeper got smacked to ground but seemingly no-one was tortured after arrest. Few people who were not arrested managed to withdraw without nazis jumping on them. When wri ting this, most of the arrested anti-fascists have been released with irrelevant misdemeanour charges.