Anti-deportation protests in France

13.Dec.03 - On Saturday the 13th of December anti deportation protests took place at the Charles de Gaulle airport of paris and in the southern harbor town of SÚtÚ. In SÚtÚ the protestors assembled in front of the local migrants detention center and proceeded to the harbor from where deportees are send to Morocco with commercial ferry services. The protestors distributed pamphlets informing the regular passengers of such a ferry boat about the fact that they were going to sail on the same boat with persons that are locked up, being forced to travel against their own will by the xenophobic European and French authorities in collaboration with their Moroccan counterparts.

During this action the French police tried to place one sans-papier on board of the ferry for deportation. this only succeeded after calling for reinforcements and by using force against the demonstrators.

on the same day anti deportation activists also protested at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. the activists distributed flyers among passengers and in Air France and ADP (the company that runs the airport) canteens.