Interviews with Polish campers

3 interviews with activists involved in the polish camp.

10.Jul.01 - On saturday july 7th 4 telephone interviews were recorded with activists from the polish border camp. These interviews provided the polish contribution to the borderstream project. [an attempt to simultanously stream live pictures and sounds from 4 different bordercamps. reda more about it here.] below you will find 3 video/audio fragments of the interviews. [you will need a real player to listen and/or watch]:


'spiky' talks about the bordercamp, troubles with the local authorities and the history of bordercamps in poland [+/- 3min. • real video • the pictures originate from this yeras camp] [click here to play]


maxim talks on the construction of the new eastern border of the EU, its role in the context of the european border regime and the recent history of borders in eastern europe. alexandra talks about the importance of the suitcase economy for the polish border regions and the impact of the new borders will have on the lives of the local populations. [+/- 4min20sec. • real video • the pictures where recorded durin last years camp at the polish ukrainian border] [click here to play]


olga talks about tschchenian refugees and the problems this particular group faces in both russia and other eastern european countries. [+/- 1min10sec. • real audio] [click here to play]