Sunday, 08.jul.01

Artistic happening and concert is organised by the noborder activists in the polish village of Krynki.

08.Jul.01 - After the events of the previous day, when police aggressively behaved with the participants of the noborder camp who participated in the artistic happening, the next day activists decided to make again some kind of political-recreational activity into the village park. The concept was to make a "Hyde-park" event dedicated to the border regime and noborder activity.

This time sound equipment was taken, so there was music - recorded and live, which was played by "Rtut'" band from St.-Petersburg, Russia, and by some polish people with the drum. Also there was happening which was organised by people from Byelorus and in which activists from different countries participated, and some speeches by camp participants from different countries, explaining why they came here to Krynki and which is the importance of this camp for them. Leaflets on Polish and posters on Polish, Russian and English were put around on the trees. At the end some people chatted and some danced. After shameful police behaviour at the previous day, this time police presence was quite low-scale: only some cops and some people in civilian clothes who were evidently the police officers. Also all the time there were patrols of border police on the motorcycles and cars, and camp was closely watched by border police helicopters. Camp participants also visited local orthodox church. At the end of the event, again some 4 police vehicles came and encircled the park, but activists already went to the football game with the local youth which invited the camp participants. Police made a video of the activists, but not interfered, while the football game was a complete disaster for the noborder activists: 7:2 for Krynki youth team :-)

The next day, 9 July, was mostly dedicated to the workshops and discussions, which also took place in the previous day, while visit to the local mosque was interrupted by the heavy rain.