Anti border conference - update

15.Jun.03 - The conference is our answer and opposition to the new border regulations that are currently being installed in Poland. Feel invited to share your protest/ knowledge/ support for the free movement of the people.

There will be space for workshops/ discussions/ meetings/ exhibitions/ movies and actions too.

Workshops that are planned till now: * The new visa and migration regulations in Poland * contemporary critics of capitalism * Against the governing of migrations * the borders of Mexico * current situation of the migrants in Poland * racism and sexism in trafficking in women* No Borders to Climate Change:The Untold Story of Environmental Refugees * new power definitions * Lithuanian border regimes *abusing the human rights in Belarus*new forms of racism and antisemitism in Poland* antiracist strategies in education* freedom of movement/freedom of information

Workshops will start at 11.oo - 14.00, than food, than 16.00 - 19.00. If needed - the workshops will go paralelly.Translations will be made into english , russian and german. (if needed).

Movies: Mexico, women migrant activists, forced migration, the governing of migrations, anti-border caravane. Exhibitions: will also happen:)

Concerts: antisexist hip-hop, soundsystems We will try to provide free accommodation and good food. Donations will be very much welcomed.

Actions : planned for the 1st July.
We will provide the accomodation and cheap food.Translations will be made into english , russian and german. (if needed).