from geneva to geneva!

temporary association 'everyone is an expert' presents: make world tour 2003

01.May.03 - At two separate occasions Geneva (Switzerland) and the area of the Lake Leman will host global summits that reflect the pending dramatic changes in the world in very challenging ways: Early June 2003 the annual G8 meeting will take place in Evian, a few kilometers across the border to France. The second event from December 10-12 2003 is the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that will be held in the Palexpo conference center of Geneva.

Both events establish the temporal frame for our tour within the next six months. During our tour we will participate in four noborder-camps and conferences taking place in Romania, Poland, Italy and Germany. We will also visit the EU-Summit in Greece, the WTO-Meeting in Mexico and the 2nd European Social Forum in France (see our calendar). After this we will return to Geneva, where we plan to feed all the experiences and contacts made during the tour into the second edition of the make world festival.

The backbone of the tour is the expertmobile - a fully equipped media center. A broadband satellite uplink enables us to connect to the internet, stream sounds and images form virtually everywhere. The bus also provides facilities for editing sound and video and it can serve as a central note in the communication infrastructure of camps and other events. This bus will travel along all the stations, providing a very real connection between these events spread out all across Europe.

freedom toast

In cooperation with activists from the noborder-network and from independent media groups we are intending to weave one thread of discussions and actions through all these projects: the relationship between freedom of movement and freedom of information.

We think that the fights for freedom of movement and the potential in the autonomy of migration on one hand, and the struggles for informational self-determination and universal access on the other hand should be seen as driving forces in the process of shaping an emancipative multitude.

As freedom of movement and residence attacks the differentials and undermines the global hierarchies of the labor market, it undermines the system of borders, which are first of all borders for exploitation. By enabling the circulation of social struggles and the sharing of experiences of struggles networks of migration can act as a catalyst for a globalization from below.

As freedom of information and communication attacks intellectual property, licenses and patents, it undermines the global hierarchies of knowledge and puts into question the whole logic of valuation and payment of work. The free associations of net-activism have the potential to break up constructed borders and identities and to cause an internationalization of struggles on a daily level.

When noborder-, net activism and the global protest movement, all sorts of counter activities and parallel events connect and link up into a strong and powerful conceptual framework, one can indeed envision a series of actions and activities, that reveal a new potential of struggling: Refusing and resisting both, border management and digital rights management, restrictions of the freedom of movement and constraints of the freedom of communication.

Within the meaning of this rough outlines: For a movement of movements - globalization now!

everyone is an expert