Anti-border conference 26-29 june 2003, Warsaw

19.May.03 - On the 1-st of July 2003 Poland is introducing visas for our Eastern neighbours and that is why we would like to invite you for Anti-Border Conference, which will take place in Warsaw since 26th June to 29th June 2003. Although the Polish and Ukrainian officials agreed, that the visas will be distributed for free, still there were not made any claims or agreements in the question of visas for Russian and Belarussian and about visas for some other nations.

The border regime - control and repression to the non - western people crossing Polish borders and the spread of a really racist propaganda about Vietnamese, Russian, Belarussian and Chechen people amongst others persuades us to take action. As a preliminary to the anti - border camp in Krynki, but also as an action and info event in Warsaw, we want to organise a conference here to inform about racist tendencies in behaviour, (dez)information and laws; about the border regime on Polish and other borders, about the managing of migrations and, last but not least, about the connections between racism, sexism, homofobia, capitalism and other forms of power relations and structures.

The project is initiated and organised by anti-authoritarian activist groups and people (groups are not so big ones so any support and cooperation are very welcome!). Anti-Border Conference will consists of 4 days of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, performances, films, concerts, discussions focus on the border- issue (new visa regulations, closing future Eastern border of E.U. ), migrations, refugees, anti - racism, all types of discrimination (economical, political, sexual, racial etc.), feminism. There will probably be also an action day on the 1st July. Simultaneously (27-30 June)in Warsaw there will be International Anarchist Meetings "Anarchy 2003". Afterwards there will be an anti-border camp on the polish-belarussian border.(2-6 July).

This Anti-border Event will consists of 4 days of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, performances, films, concerts, discussions and actions afterwards.

Currently the following Workshops are planned:
- The border issues (new visa regulations)
- Polish border policy
- Controlling migrations
- Pro - migrant companies
- Racism in Poland
- Antisemitism in Poland
- Promoting antiracists attitudes - strategies in education
- Situation of refugees in Poland
- Contemporary critics of capitalism
- The problem of racism and sexism in trafficking in women
- Poland in the context of contacts with the other eastern european countries
- Abusing Human Rights in Belarus
- Economical and political situation of Lithuania in the context of EU enlargement

Additionaly there will be a number of films and exhibitions. The deadline for propositions of workshops is the 25th May.

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